21 June, 2006

TA Pedals

TA Specialites pedals are, arguably, the nicest pedal ever made. TA pedals were an expensive and rare upgrade on Rene Herse and Alex Singer bikes.

They are completely rebuildable. The cages and "flick tabs" are replacable. They use inboard roller bearings. They have grease ports so you don't need to dissassemble them for re-greasing. They are, in a word, superb.

We stock them in both road and track versions. The track model has gray cages; the road model has silver. Our price is $105 (retail is $150). These may be in short supply; in fact it's surprising that a product like this is still made. So get them while they are still available.

1 comment:

JoeM said...

I have a 30 year old pair of TA pedals and would like to use them on my equally old Witcomb USA touring bike.

I' d like to have a knowledgeable bike mechanic open them up to check the condition of the bearings, etc. However, my local bike shop mechanics won't work on them because they say they do not have the specific tool to open them up. Is there in fact a dedicated tool for this purpose?

Are replacement cages and flick tabs for sale at Velo Orange? For how much?