04 June, 2006

The Most Elegant Bag?

Ernest, who lives in Japan, has been helping me locate products not available on this side of the Pacific. He steered me toward the Chaconne site which sells, among other things, this elegant cordovan (horse hide) handlebar bag. It is available in nine sizes and is lined with royal blue leather. It also contains a type of vibration dampening foam developed by NASA. The emblem is pure silver. And you may notice that the bike attached to the bag appears to be a Rene Herse, but is not included.

The bags are a 110,000 Yen ($984) if handsewn or only 90,000 Yen ($806) for the cheapskate's machine sewn version. This is obviously the bag for those who feel Berthoud bags are simply too pedestrian.

Should your significant other frown at the cost, show him or her that it does double duty as a stylish purse. If this isn't an obvious Velo Orange product....

Chaconne also has a selection of 650b tires, 58 colors of leather bar tape, very nice cycling gloves, and sea salt. They appear to sell potted plants as well.

You can use Google language tools to read the text on their site. Be sure to follow the links to some cool bike pages (note: the links don't work in translation mode). This is the Google translation of the order page:

As for the commodity which is published to this home page the male or
With FAX0564-26-0368
You can order.
◆ ◆ ◆
In order there is no entry leak or the mistake, in regard to verification please transmit.
Name address telephone number [meruadoresu]
That, it is making a mistake and it is not, we ask may.
Before the commodity dispatching you give the communication of verification from the sun union.
◆ ◆ ◆
Consumer tax is not included in fee.
◆ ◆ ◆
When the index of each item top is clicked
It can open the corresponding window.
◆ ◆ ◆
At the male please inquire the unclear point unhesitantly.

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