12 June, 2006

Elk Hide Shipping, Bells, ...UPDATED

  • Everybody who ordered Elk hide bar covers will have them in a few days. They shipped today and there are plenty more in stock.
  • We once again have plenty of shiny (and a few satin finish) decaleurs in all sizes in stock.
  • Rack production has fallen a bit behind, but we still think the first constructeur rear racks will ship in a couple of weeks. The prototype front rack might appear as early as the end of this week.
  • The Japanese bells are scheduled to arrive around the 25th. I'll belive it when I see them ;<)
  • The Ostrich bags are officially on order, but we've not gotten a delivery date yet. We're also looking at some Ostrich black nylon front panniers they would also be perfect as rear panniers for the constructeur rack. Is anybody interested in a matching black nylon version of the green cotton seat bag? We'll be testing one soon.
  • The small seat bags have been delayed because the stamp for the logo is not ready. The stamp manufacturer is backed up. And I though it would be cool if we didn't even have a logo, but conventional wisdom won out. Maybe we'll have them next week.

1 comment:

Dad said...

Can't wait to see the front racks. Given Chris's penchant for elegance, grace and all-around 'sais quoi, I am guessing these are going to be simply killer.