29 May, 2020

Mega List of Project Updates!

by Igor

I first wanted to start off with a huge thank you to all of our customers, readers, suppliers, and staff for your support during these strange times.

Velo Orange is a strong company, and in the midst of challenging times like these, we're adapting and moving forward. We wanted to share some of the moves we're making that we're proud of, and look forward to coming to fruition.


We've designed, tested, prototyped, and have sent the next generation Polyvalents into production. And let me tell you - they are a blast! We're offering two frame styles: "Low-Kicker" and "Diamond."

The first production run is going to be in the "Low-Kicker" configuration. In addition to being able to get on and off the saddle easily at stoplights, this low-slung top tube setup is a great option for lots of different riders. Fully loaded tourists will find it significantly easier to mount and dismount. Riders with limited flexibility will be able to ride a seriously capable and fun bike without compromising performance. Lastly, riders down to 5' will be able to have a very comfortable position with both drop and flat bars.

We'll also be offering a diamond-frame option for those after a more traditional look. These are just going into testing, but here is a raw frame picture.

Both will be in this absolutely stunning Metallic Sage paint. These should be available around October. We'll be opening up a pre-sale soon with more info, geometry, and close-ups, so stay tuned.

Pass Hunters

We've just gotten the final prototypes of the Pass Hunters and they are sooooo good. I'm super excited to be offering the (in my opinion) perfect "Sport Touring Bike."

The first Pass Hunter design called for the smaller sizes to be built around a 26x45mm tire size, but in the time of prototyping and testing the first iteration, this tire size is simply no longer common or available. We even talked to a number of rim and tire manufacturers who were discontinuing performance-oriented 26" rims and tires. Bummer. No worries, we've re-designed the framesets to accommodate 650bx47mm or 700x32mm tires and fenders across the board.

They've already passed testing and are going into production shortly, once we've ok'd everything on our end. They'll be available in both Brick Red and Sky Blue. We'll be doing a pre-sale for these as well.


And for these thru-axle frames, new hubs are in production! This new rear hub shell is a custom design with a ratchet housing based off the classic, smooth-lined Record (my favorite). The design will retain our tool-free disassembly and maintenance and will include QR end caps for those who are using QR disc hubs. We'll have rim brake hub options, too.

Noir Flat Pack Rack

Since we got the Flat Pack Rack in, we've had a ton of interest in a Noir-ified version, alas stainless steel cannot be anodized or reliably powdercoated. But! A sample just arrived of a powdercoated chromoly steel version and I quickly mounted it on my Pass Hunter. It's just as strong, weighs the same, and is as easily adjusted. These will go into production soon.

Lucky Bars

What's one better than lucky #7? Lucky #8 of course! They have 8cm of rise, 800mm of width, and 8 degrees of sweep.

These are still in the prototyping phase, but they are fun!

Doover Saddle/Handlebar Bag

Another addition to the Velo Orange X Road Runner Bags luggage collaboration! The Doover, meaning thingamabob/thingamajig, is perfect for mounting at the front as a handlebar bag or on your saddle! In both cases, it can be used with or without a supporting rack. It is waterproof, cavernous, uses a roll top closure, and includes side webbing to use our existing Cell Phone and Snapper Sack accessory pockets. We're still testing them, but here's a picture.


We're getting more Piolets in Fall, and in a new color. We'll reveal the color when we decide what it will be =)


We're getting more 650b and 20" mini-velo wheels within the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Two Container Arrivals

We're expecting two container arrivals: one in June and one in July. Both will have parts and accessories that you have been waiting on. The first of which will include Klunker Bars, Quill Stems, Granola Bars, Curvy Bars, Wheel Stabilizers, Copenhagen Kickstands, Noir Sabot Pedals, Happy Stems, and Voyager Rims.

The next one will have Crazy BarsRemovable Faceplate Quill Stems, and some other miscellanea that didn't fit in the first container.

Be sure to sign up for automated product alerts for the respective products you've asked about. Most of these items are extremely popular and go out the door fast.

We're also expecting a shipment of Blue Lug handlebars and Brass pieces to arrive within the next two weeks.

International Orders

We've had a few overseas folks say that their packages have been stuck in Jamaica Plains, NY or other USPS hubs. The issue is that USPS doesn't own their own planes, so they ship packages on passenger airplanes or contract through carriers like FedEx. Well, people aren't flying nearly as much anymore, so these hubs are getting severely backed up.

We have started shipping most international orders through FedEx to prevent delays in getting products to you. Depending on what's in your order and where you are, we may have to invoice you because of these increases in shipping costs, in which case we will email you first.

So that about wraps up all of the new and exciting things coming out of VO HQ right now. All of these new projects have kept us enthusiastic and engaged in an otherwise trying time. Thanks again, stay safe, comment if you have something on your mind, and as always - Happy Riding!

05 May, 2020

New Color for the VO Luggage Line, Coyote

The Velo Orange by Road Runner bag line continues with the introduction of a new color, Coyote.

Not quite brown, not quite tan, the Coyote shade is perfect for adding a big helping of class and sophistication to both modern and classic bikes. It also matches a bunch of tan sidewall tires. Not that you ever thought about matching your bags to your tires, that is, right?

The Coyote offering is currently available in each of our bag styles. We also made a few minor changes to some of the products, which are listed below:
We also re-stocked on several models and colors, so be on the lookout for automated email notifications letting you know that the bag is back in stock.