05 May, 2020

New Color for the VO Luggage Line, Coyote

The Velo Orange by Road Runner bag line continues with the introduction of a new color, Coyote.

Not quite brown, not quite tan, the Coyote shade is perfect for adding a big helping of class and sophistication to both modern and classic bikes. It also matches a bunch of tan sidewall tires. Not that you ever thought about matching your bags to your tires, that is, right?

The Coyote offering is currently available in each of our bag styles. We also made a few minor changes to some of the products, which are listed below:
We also re-stocked on several models and colors, so be on the lookout for automated email notifications letting you know that the bag is back in stock.

1 comment:

Chinese Gordon said...

Bike Rumour is showing your new English Pass Hunter.
I like the small dropouts, extra work, but good looking.