14 February, 2022

Why Do I Love Bikes?

by Scott

It's Valentines day, and what better day to profess my love for bikes? I've ridden bikes at a "serious" level since I was about 15. By "serious" I mean cycling has been my main interest outside of breathing and eating. It's the thing that if asked what I wished to spend, say birthday money on, I could rattle off a list of parts or books that were all centered around cycling or training for cycling.

But I'm not the type of person to own a bunch of bikes. I have a couple bikes at home, and working here at VO usually provides a prototype or two if I desire to do a certain style of ride. I tend to be rather singular in terms of the style of bike I own, and I've always been drawn to the 'all-rounder" kind of bike - a sport touring bike in the 80's, a mountain bike with road tires in the 90's, and an all-around touring bike since 2001. I suppose I was most influenced by bikes of the early 80's that were used for touring and have never strayed too far from that reference point.

                                            (Scott's adventure bike circa 2016. Yes that is a triple)

So what is it that got me into cycling back then, and keeps me interested all these years later? I suppose it's the same now as it was then - freedom and a sense of exploration. Many people talk about their first bike being the way that they could explore outside of their neighborhood, and I think it was the same for me. I remember going out for rides on a Saturday night, bundled up against the cold of a winter night in Vancouver with a water bottle full of hot tea. The rule was, once the bottle got cold, it was time to go home. 

Today, it's still the exploration aspect that draws me to cycling. Going out and combining gravel roads with a section of paved road, and maybe even a little bit of single track in between takes me back to my Saturday night rides in the suburbs of Vancouver. It's for this same reason that I was so drawn to the RSF books - the lure of what was over the next hill. I tried racing for a season at age 16 and it just wasn't for me. I much preferred riding with my touring club around BC and down into the US west coast. 

                                                      (Scott's bedside table reading pile)

So what draws you to cycling? Is it the adventure, the technology, the competition? Let us know and let's all celebrate our love for life on two wheels!

07 February, 2022

New VO x RoadRunner Bags: Tool Rolls and Burrito Supreme

Joining our family of Road Runner x VO bags are the new Burrito Supreme Handlebar Bags and Tool and Saddle Rolls!

If you're looking to add easy and quick carrying capacity to any bike, the Burrito Supreme by Road Runner Bags is what you need!

The Burrito Supreme is similar to the Mini Rando Bag but in a cylindrical shape, rather than a box. The bag is 8" wide, with a 5.5" diameter, for a total volume of ~150 cubic inches of space.

Installation is a breeze. Simply wrap the handlebar straps around your bars and the velcro around your steerer or heatube. 

A reinforced, oversized zipper ensures your bag stays closed and your gear is safe. There is also a strip of Molle webbing on the front for anything else that might need to be strapped down.

Carry your essentials in style! These Tool and Saddle Rolls are a great place to put all your roadside tools and accessories.

Three separate pockets (3"x 4" on the sides, center pocket 3" x 5") allow you to neatly organize your quick-fix tools, and a button-snap flap ensures your gear will never fall out. With the flap buttoned down, the bag is 5 1/4" tall, meaning you can fit tools up to 5" long in the pockets. The bag then folds neatly into itself in thirds, and uses a strap and buckle to secure itself to the saddle rails. Also included on the underside is a loop and strap to tether the bottom of the bag to the seatpost ensuring the bag wont move around or slide up on rougher terrain.