30 June, 2006

Rear Racks

The first batch of rear constructeur racks have finally arrived and are being shipped. Now the bad news, almost all of them are already sold. If you had reserved a rack but have not yet ordered it, please e-mail and you'll be given priority and the slightly lower "reserved price". With luck the next batch will be here late next week. They are also available in the store to pre-order. Of course, we won't charge your credit card until yours is ready to ship.

1 comment:

Dad said...

I received mine and am almost done installing it. Nice rack. The one thing I would say is, if it was 1mm longer, I wouldn't be able to install it truly horizontally. My bike has short chainstays and a tall frame, so the seatstays are at a pretty tight angle. The clearance to the brake caliper is very tight. Just a heads-up that you might want to have them shorten it for the next run by just a frac. Or else make it very slightly asymmetrical, so that the front is slightly shorter than the rear (I believe many of the old racks are designed thus).

Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice rack.