21 June, 2006

Retro Lights Available, Etc.

While waiting for parts to be manufactured for the Herse style mounts, I discovered that these lights can be used with the C-cell flashlight mounts if you just bend them out a bit. So they are now available in the Velo Orange store. The lights are manufactured in the Czech republic and are very lightweight. The lens is real tempered glass and the chrome finish is lovely. But these are still 1930's technology, neither as sturdy nor as well constructed as modern lights. Nor are they waterproof.

The rational for these is that they are beautiful, inexpensive, and put out enough light for occasional use. Plus, they are worth many many style points. I have one on my bike.

We'll sell only the 3 D-cell version as they are a bit brighter. But there is one 2 D-cell light on offer in the special section.

Other Notes: Black elkhide handlebar covers will be available next week.

The new re-styled Velo Orange small seatbags will also arrive next week; the logo stamp is made. They will be sewn from tan waxed canvas with leather trim. These are the first of the Velo Orange brand bike luggage.

I went to the metal shop this morning and saw big piles of rear rack parts, very shiny and impressive, but nothing put together yet. With a little luck we'll have the first few about Monday and enough to fill all current orders by the end of the week.

I'm holding off asking them to finish the two versions of the front rack prototype because so many of you keep asking when the rear rack will be done and it looks like we're a week behind ;<). By the way, someone told me that they asked a frame builder to make a rack like ours and the quote was $350.

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