21 June, 2006

More New Products

As Velo Orange grows we'll continue to expand our offerings. Here are the latest items we're stocking:

Many customers have asked us to carry cloth tape. So now we stock Tressostar tape in red, brown, orange, yellow, green, and white. It's $3 a roll in the Velo Orange store. It looks great under shellac.

I also wanted to stock some inexpensive but well made chrome water bottle cages. We stock the latest version of the classic TA Specialites cage ($9.50). These have been produced for decades with the chrome body and plastic retainer, but the styling changes every dozen years or so.

We also have the Italian chrome ALE cage ($7.50). They won't mark up your bottles like alloy cages and have a simple style that looks great on any bike.

Another item that's getting hard to find is nice alloy toe clips. We stock the gorgeous ALE toe clips in size large and the classic Italian Galli clips in medium. Availability of these might be spotty, but we have them now. $15 for either.

We also have Christophe leather toe clip straps in black and nice Italian straps in gold, which is as close to tan as we could find ($8).

Of course we also have Velox bar plugs. So no more lost plugs; no more ugly plastic plugs; and no more bruised knees ($4 per pair).


Pete LaVerghetta said...

I think the best looking cages going (other than the beautiful but spendy Nitto) are the stainless steel King Iris cages. A bargain at fifteen bucks.

Velo Orange said...

If you're going to compare modern style cages, I'd say the Delta cage is nicer than the Iris because it's a continuous loop of metal. Heres a photo: LINK But it is satin finish, not polished. Still, I think I should stock some of these.

Anonymous said...

Velox plugs may be traditional, but they aren't exactly attractive... I found that champagne corks do the job just as well and look really sweet- the only trick is finding two that are roughly the same size.

Now if only I could only find SOMEONE who could sell champagne corks, I'd be set...

Velo Orange said...

I looked into selling champagne corks, but after much trial and error I found that I simply could not drink enough champagne.

Pete LaVerghetta said...

Champagne corks? Try Chimay corks...mmmm, Belgian goodness.