17 June, 2006


So long as I am posting about French sites, I cannot leave out the brilliant Le RANDONNEUR site. It contains an amazing wealth of historical information. And if you like old photographs of cycle touring, you'll be in heaven.

And here is the site of Arnaud Decostre, a Belgian cyclo tourist with an extensive collection of trip reports and photographs (use language tools as this site translates well) : www.cyclosite.be

Another cyclo tourist with an large site is Frenchman Jean-Phillippe Battu. His site is in both English and French: http://www.geocities.com/jeanpba/#Velo

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Anonymous said...

For a time Jan Heine via Vintage Bicycle Quarterly was offering subscriptions to "Le Randonneur". If interested in this, it may be worth contacting him and seeing if he can help.