22 December, 2020

VO's 2020 Year in Review and a Peek into 2021!

by Igor

2020 has been one heck of a rollercoaster and honestly, too much to cover in this little year-end report. We all know what's going on, we're living it. But through it all, the bicycle industry has seen an explosion of ridership, a real silver-lining to an otherwise tough year. Whether someone is refurbishing an older bike for themselves or a family member, building up a new VO frame from scratch, or just working on that quarantine-project, our year has been extremely busy providing the goods to get people riding. And with that, I need to give a huge thank you to the entire VO staff. They have been absolutely amazing getting your orders out, receiving shipments, and providing top-notch customer service.

And they deserve a break. So, VO HQ is going to be closed starting Thursday, December 24th, and will re-open Monday, January 4th in 2021.

Behind the scenes, we've also been hard at work designing, prototyping, testing, and releasing lots of products. Here's a quick review of 2020!

New Hub Lineup

With several of our frames utilizing thru-axles, we needed to update our hub lineup. So we designed, from the ground up, a whole new line of disc and rim brake hubs. 

Low Kicker Polyvalents

I have dreamed of a disc-brake step-through bike for yeeaaars. With the redesign of the Polyvalent, we saw an opportunity to make it a reality. And boy am I happy. All the functionality, beauty, and performance of a traditional diamond frame, and the convenience of a lower top tube. What's not to like? We're getting more in the Spring as it seems like you all like it a lot too.

Flat Pack Racks

We designed the Flat Pack Rack to be extremely adjustable and adaptable. We might even add some different rail or bag mount styles in the future. Anything you'd like to see?

Cargo Fenders

Surprisingly, one of the most highly requested item is a cargo fenderset! So we made one to fit a 650b or 26" rear wheel and a 20" front wheel. So for those of you with cargo bikes or conversions, this is what you want. They're made in stainless steel for super durability.

26" Noir Fenders

Why didn't we do this before??

Pass Hunters

Thank you so much for your extreme patience. There have been port backups both in Taiwan and Baltimore, so it has been a bit longer than we expected to actually get into our warehouse, but they are now starting to ship out! I can't wait to see what kind of builds you put together!

Fender Light Mount

You can affix this simple mount to the back of the rear fender for a blinkie or dynamo. Now you don't need to worry about panniers or rear bags blocking your light!

Blue Piolets

This is just some beautiful paint! I can't wait to build one up for myself. 

Coming soon:

Diamond Frame Polyvalents

These are in production and should be here around March/April. They'll have the same specifications and sizing as the Low Kickers, but with a horizontal top tube (with a couple degrees of slope). 

More Handlebars

We have at least four new handlebar projects in the works. Something for everyone.


Still plugging away. These are taking longer than we thought, but the arm shape, spindle securing, and application has been finalized. We're doing CNC samples before we go in for the forging. 

Simply, fully CNC'd cranks are more expensive per piece, but they are typically not as strong as forging. Forged cranksets have a significant monetary outlay on our side, but each piece is less expensive. So, we're planning on a flexible forged design and platform that can get a lot of mileage. Pun intended.

New Bar tape

Three new bar tape styles are going to be coming out in Q1 of 2021. They're all pretty thick and easy to wrap, and each style has its own unique hand feel. We're calling them Foamy, Rubbery, and Diamond. And yes, Splash is making a comeback.

New Biggish Bag

We're working with Road Runner Bags for a generously-sized handlebar bag that will fit on nearly any bike. We've teased it this year, and it is already in production.

New Old Frame

We're working on bringing back an older VO frame with some pretty cool tricks! I'm bursting at the seams to give you more details, but it'll have to wait.

15 year Anniversary

That's right! Velo Orange is turning 15 next August. From making bell spacer mounts and light mounts, sew-on toe clip leathers and shellac kits, to over 700 SKUs including frames, fenders, handlebars, headsets, pedals, etc....And we still offer the bell spacer mounts! What a wild ride.

We had some pretty big plans for the public this year that got scrapped. Our fingers are crossed that we'll be able to do a shindig in 2021.

Thank you for another spectacular year. See you in 2021!

Happy Riding,

Igor, Adrian, and The Velo Orange Crew


Dave Small said...

What y'all have accomplished the past few years has been impressive. Enjoy the upcoming break; you've earned it.


Bob G said...

Thank you for continuing to offer products that no one else is willing to offer. There are many of us out here (and growing in numbers) that will keep supporting VO! With regards to the Flat Pack Rack, will you be adding braze-ons for lights, attachements, etc.? Having some kind of braze-on on the sides also helps keep cargo net clips and bungies from sliding when hauling edibles and bottled beverages. Happy 2021 to everyone.

Igor Shteynbuk said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the kind words! We'll keep that in mind for the next run and see if we can add those.

Happy New Year!


American Flaneur said...

Thanks for the updates, sounds like a fun year ahead! Any way to reserve one of those polyvalent diamond frames? OR do I just need to keep an eye on the website? ;-)

Igor Shteynbuk said...

@American Flaneur,

Keep an eye on the website!


damonthomaslee said...

Hello, in the low kicker build shown on this post, do you know what model Shifter/brake lever is installed?

Igor Shteynbuk said...


It is 11sp Shimano 105 in polished silver. I don't think they make that model anymore.

damonthomaslee said...

Thanks for the info. I'll have to hit up ebay perhaps!