21 April, 2020

Flat Pack Racks Arrive!

by Igor

We're pleased to announce that the super adjustable and sturdy Flat Pack Rack is now available! Let's face it, front racks and handlebar bags are the Wild West. There's no convention, rhyme, or reason for braze-on placements let alone glue-ons for carbon forks. We could push another braze-on mounting standard onto the world but, to be honest, I think we're all tired of the "standards" that exist. So we've decided to go with the flow.

Adjustability for the Flat Pack Rack is accomplished by employing sliding stays and darumas to dial in the position and level of the rack. With so many forks out there riddled with eyelets and holes for low-riders and 3-pack mounts, you can choose where the rack will mount.

The platform is known as a “demi-porteur”. Its size is somewhere in between a full Porteur and traditional Randonneur front rack. The main benefit to the demi-porteur style is better stabilization for large Randonneur Handlebar Bags as well as better support for baskets and large, bikepacking bags.

The uprights are removable and can be interchanged between a decaleur receiver for a Randonneur-style handlebar bag and a tombstone loop for a basket or other luggage.

When disassembled, it can fold almost completely flat - which is really useful for travel where space is at a premium. After removing the rack from the bike, I like to leave all the rack parts attached to one another, just simply folded and then re-tightened as not to lose anything in transit.

The Flat Pack Rack mounts to the fork crown using this little do-dad we call a Foot. This beefy mount sits flat against the fork crown and is also mounted to a daruma-style receiver, so it can slide up or down and in and out depending on your clearance needs.

Oh, and there's also an eyelet on the front of the rack for a light!

Be sure to check out this video outlining some of the key highlights and mounting details of the rack.


dfs said...

This looks awesome! And will be nice on my bike :)

Unknown said...

beautiful!! well designed, too.

fyhn said...

Looks very nice. Will it reach all the way down to attach at the fork dropouts? My bike has two pairs of threaded holes there, but none along the fork blades.

Anthony Garcia said...

Are we getting a noir version anytime soon?

VeloOrange said...


They won't reach to the dropouts. We have other racks that are designed specifically to attach to the dropouts.

@Anthony Garcia,

We are looking into it. The issue is that since these are stainless steel, they can't be anodized, so they have to be painted or powercoated. Both will fade and flake off over time.


Anonymous said...

Can I get an extra set of the stays to attach to the mounting points on the sides of my fork crown instead of the center hole?

VeloOrange said...

@ Anon 4/24- It does come with two pairs of stays, so you can use one set to go to the fork crown and one set to the mid fork eyelet.

Ryan Witt said...

Are these wide enough to fit a Transporteur bag if you cinch it down?

Igor Shteynbuk said...

@Ryan Witt,

Actually it does! The bags overhangs maybe 1 cm on the left and right sides, but I'd run it!


Unknown said...

This is beautiful. Can you mount it on the eyelet where the rando rack would normaly mount on the fork?

Igor Shteynbuk said...


Yes, it can be mounted there too as long as it doesn't interfere with canti brakes or the like.