01 April, 2020

VO Tips for Adding Flair to your Pain Cave

By Jacques

In these challenging times, we have to remember to look after ourselves in both a physical and emotional way. For a lot of riders, being restricted in our outdoor movements has lead to a rise in both baking bread and working out indoors - and we suggest combining the two. Cue the pain cave.

Here at VO, we understand that many are working to improve their half baked indoor situations - we've sold a bread truck's worth of posters recently as proof of this. May we (mais oui) offer some suggestions, à la carte, that you can use as a starter for your best indoor cycling life and help avoid a doughy body that can result from a lack of movement and excess butter.

First key is hydration. Even with using a fan, it will get warm, so you want to ensure that you have lots of liquids nearby to stave off dehydration.

Second is food. Cycling much past a half hour can leave you depleted, energy wise. So make sure to eat at regular intervals to ensure your blood sugar level does not drop too low.

Third is comfort. Make sure your position is dialed in, because you're in it for the long haul. Igor is riding a set of Left Bank Handlebars and Adrian has Nouveau Randonneur Bars.

Finally, style. Being stuck at home is no excuse not to look your best. Accessorize your outfit and your environment to your particular taste.

Remember that even in a pain cave, a fresh loaf of pain de campagne or pain boule will help to keep your spirits from getting crusty. Carbo-load with abandon. No knead to thank us for this, it's the yeast we could do in this time.


cd said...

What model is that french press?

MK said...

You have most certainly won the Internet today. Awesome.

donv said...

I need a sweater and orange cap. Order a bread truck's worth of those two


VeloOrange said...


It is a GSI Outdoors French Press without the cover.


Rick said...

Ok, I need that jersey! Is such a thing available?

Anonymous said...

Never mind your jerseys and french presses, I WANT THOSE GLOVES!
Where do i buy those gloves? Why don't you sell those gloves?

VeloOrange said...


We looked into getting them made, but the supplier was out of stock in the orange pattern. We're planning on getting some when the weather gets a bit cooler.


I picked them up last time I was in Taiwan from Sense30. There are a few places online that sell similar gloves. Look up crochet cycling gloves!


RoadieRyan said...

awesome thanks for the levity I love that you have handlebar bags full of goodies on the trainer bike! Stay safe VO

Anonymous said...

Inspired piece, just what I needed today.

Unknown said...

hahaha! great scenes from happier moments!!!

Rod said...

Thank you for a lighter moment in these trying times. Stay health.


donv said...

Will you ever sell the V-O wool jersey again?

And is the orange cap available anywhere?

thanks again

VeloOrange said...


We actually never carried one, but we will in the fall when it gets cooler! The orange cap is not available, just a gift from Rustines.


Thanks Rod! Hope you and Lenora are doing well!


Tony B said...

Damn, that espresso machine ...