10 December, 2020

Holiday Gifts for the Discerning Cyclist

Stumped on finding the perfect gift for the cycling enthusiast in your life? We can't blame you--we're a difficult bunch. As cyclists, it's fair to say even when we know exactly what we need we can still spend hours splitting hairs over color, dimensions, weight, and compatibility. Understanding that dilemma, we have compiled a list of pain-free picks to please even the most particular bicycle connoisseur this holiday season. 

Runwell Tools

One of the latest additions to our catalog, Runwell Tools is a small shop dedicated to the production of high-quality hand tools, bike accessories, and lifestyle items. We're talking "made in Japan's historic Tsubame-Sanjo manufacturing district" quality. 

A multi-wrench is one such tool that nearly any cyclist could appreciate, and Runwell offers several options. The 4 & 5 mm Wrench with Belt Clip or 4 & 5 mm Wrench with Cord are both portable tools that can tackle a majority of the bolts on a modern bicycle build. If that special cyclist in your life rides a fixie, a shiny new 15 mm Wrench might be just what they have always wanted. 

Runwell applies the same craftsmanship to a few gift ideas you just won't find anywhere else. Anyone who appreciates a well-designed tool will find the 10 mm Wrench and Bottle Opener, tool-inspired Stir Sticks, or Charcuterie Picks a welcome addition to their bar cart.  

Visit our collection of tools for more from Runwell as well some of our favorites from VAR, including their Professional Hex Wrench Set, Compact Multi-Tool, and Tool Bottle

Safety Pizza

Who doesn't like pizza? Or being safe, for that matter. The one-and-only Safety Pizza provides both in the form of a fun single-serving slice. Even better, each Safety Pizza is customizable using the included reflective toppings, making this a truly unique gift idea. 

Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive

The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive is the perfect coffee table book for the rider with an appreciation for the history of bicycle touring. Over 190 full-page photos give a look back at a bygone era of cycling--the bikes more simply appointed and adventure paramount. It's a book as breathtaking as it is inspiring. 

Opinel No. 10 Knife & Corkscrew

The only knife you need for 2020 has a corkscrew built in. The Opinel No.10 Knife & Corkscrew is also a great knife for cycle tourists and day-trippers who must always be prepared with a sharp blade or something to pop a nice bottle. 

Mini-Rando Bag/Day Tripper Saddle Bag

What do we like most about the Mini-Rando Handlebar Bag and Day Tripper Saddle Bag? They are both convenient, no fuss solutions to adding a bit of extra carrying capacity to a daily rider, commuter, or touring bike. Both bags attach using only the included strapping and buckles, meaning no specialty rack or bag mounts are necessary. Virtually any bike can benefit from these stylish luggage options. 


Bells will be ringing this Christmas when you find one of our classic bike bells under the tree. Available in several styles and finishes, these bells add timeless appeal to any bike build and make a very satisfying sound. Choose from our Temple Bell in brass and mirror finishes or our Brass Striker Bell.

Rema Patch Kit

One patch kit can do the work of several tubes and takes up far less space in a stocking (or jersey pocket or saddle bag). The Rema Tip Top Touring Repair Kit includes everything a rider needs to fix a flat: a selection of patches, tube of glue, and sandpaper to rough up the area in need of repair. All is packed neatly into a small, handy carrying case for ready access. 


Robert said...

Hey guys,
It looks like you're already sold out of a bunch of the Runwell stuff. Any chance you'll be getting more in before Christmas?

VeloOrange said...

@ Robert- We've got more on order, but with shipping delays around the world this year, we're not sure they will make it here before Christmas