03 December, 2020

Piolets Get New Paint, More Low Kickers, and a Bunch of New Accessories

by Igor

We just received a shipment of Piolets with fresh, deep metallic blue paint. They look absolutely stunning. 

The only difference between these and the previous model is the paint and downtube decals. Everything else is the same.

We have a few very different builds lined up already and I can't wait to see them buttoned up. I think they're a nice, timeless color that will work well with both silver and black components and accessories.

We also got more Low Kicker framesets in both Small and Medium. These sold out very fast during the pre-sale, so if you missed out, here's your opportunity.

A bunch of new parts and accessories greeted us on the container as well!

Cargo Bike Fender Sets

Most notably are these very cool, 60mm wide Stainless Steel fender sets for cargo bikes. So for those of you that have cargo bike conversions, these are what you want.

The rear fender is sized for either 26"x2.3 or 650bx47mm, and the front is sized for up to 20"x2.3. You're going to want to consult your frame/fork manufacturer to confirm whether these will fit your bike.

Available in polished Stainless Steel only.

26" Noir Fender Sets

I don't know why we didn't do this sooner?! These are the same as our 60mm, 26" Aluminum Alloy Fender sets and have our Smooth, Noir finish.

Stubby 31.8mm Stems

To get a proper position on long top tube gravel and mountain bikes, a short stem is often a must. This is especially true for riders wanting to use drop bars on off-road bikes. So, we now offer our 31.8mm, +/- 6° stems in lengths down to 40mm!

Noir Happy Stems

Keep your back happy! They're now available in Noir to match the rest of your cockpit.

Other news

We got a bit more Klunkers. So act fast.

Also, we had a shipping delay with the Pass Hunters. They're now slated to arrive within the next 3 weeks. Our apologies.


C-stick said...

Would you ever make a shorter run of tall stack stems in line with what you just got in?

VeloOrange said...

@ C-Stick- no plans to do the tall stack stems any shorter then they currently are. We asked and it is not possible to make them smaller