28 September, 2020

Keeping the Wheels Spinning - New Hubs and Fall Project Update

by Igor

New Hubs

We received a mountain of new disc and rim brake hubs on Friday. They feature designs we've been working on for a long time and they're finally here! In Polished Silver and Smooth Noir finishes, no less!

The new Rear Disc Hubs are now convertible between 12mm, 142mm Thru-Axle and 135mm QR. This is accomplished using endcaps that don't require any tools to swap. Additionally, these new hubs retain our tool-free cassette removal for maintenance and drive-side spoke repairs.

For the rim brake Rear Hub variant, you can also swap endcaps for 130mm and 135mm. You do need to take a bit more care building this rear hub because the non-drive-side endcap is the one that adds or subtracts 5mm of spacing. So you'll likely need to re-dish the wheel if you move it between 130mm and 135mm spaced frames.

Up front, we have more swap-ability with our Front Disc Hub. It includes endcaps for QR, 12mm (thruaxle), and 15mm (thruaxle) - all 100mm spacing. 

We keep it easy for the rim brake Front Hub. Just QR. 

They all features high-quality sealed cartridge bearings and tool-free dissassembly. Additionally, we are now offering three freehub body options: Shimano 11sp (HG), Campagnolo 11sp, and SRAM XDR. The last one is the Sram spline that allows you to use a 10-tooth cassette - very popular with MTB and touring bikes and allows you to have just that little extra top-end gear range with a 1x drivetrain.

When you buy the rear hub, let us know which Freehub Body Spline you want and we'll make it so. It default ships with Shimano HG, so if you don't put it in the comments or email us otherwise, that'll be what you get.

Medium-ish Bag Re-stock

We also got a bunch of VOxRRB luggage back in stock including:
We also got some extra Shoulder Straps. They are nice, simple, and lightweight and can be mounted on nearly anything that has a loop. So you can use it on non VOxRRB bags, cameras, water bottles, etc...

Projects Worth Noting and Happenings

Polyvalent Low Kickers are aboard the boat and are still planned to reach us by mid/late October. The first run of Small sizes sold out pretty quickly, but we have another small round arriving about a month after.

We're getting Diamond Polyvalents around January. They'll be the exact color and geo as the Low Kicker, but with a horizontal top tube (albeit with a couple degrees of slope). 

More Neutrinos are also planned for January/February. They'll be in the Pistachio Green color and will be dropper post compatible. Everything else is the same. 

More Piolets are slated for delivery around November/December. They'll be the same geo and specifications, and will be wearing a spiffy dark metallic blue paint with reflective VeloORANGE downtube decal.

We're also getting Cargo Bike Fenders for bikes with 26" or 650b rear wheels and 20inch front wheels. Both widths will be 58mm and they'll be made out of stainless steel. We went back and forth about stainless vs aluminum alloy, but settled on stainless. Stainless steel is tougher and more dent resistant than aluminum alloy. It's heavier, but let's be real here. If you're riding a cargo bike, the weight of your fenders shouldn't be a main concern in overall bike weight.

More Crazy Bars will be here in October as well. We sold out of the last production run in under 3 hours. It was not a small amount either. Probably the most we've ever gotten in one go. So the moral of the story is that if you're interested in getting them, sign up for the product alert. You'll get an automated email when they are put back into stock.

We're getting a shipment of parts and accessories in mid/late October. And then another in December or maybe late November depending on the dock timeline. And then another in January, and another in February. Needless to say, this season has been absolutely nuts!


Anonymous said...

pass hunters still on for november?

Igor Shteynbuk said...

Yes. Still looking at November.


Anonymous said...

What handlebars are on that piolet featured in the corresponding email to this post?

Anonymous said...

Will you be building wheel sets based off your the new hubs? They look great.

Igor Shteynbuk said...


They are ones we're currently prototyping. Details will be released later.


We do plan on having complete wheels. We should have them back in about a month or two.


Anonymous said...

Will you be offering complete bikes again, specifically the neutrinos? thanks

Anonymous said...

I´m looking forward for the next series Polyvalent frames - with the (allmost?) horizontal top tube. I hope "albeit with a couple degrees of slope" doesn´t mean that there is noticeable slope. This would change the nice traditional looks into modern ...
Pictures, please ;-) !

Will there be a pre-sale for these frames?

furiouschads said...

Tourist bars, when will they be back in stock?

Also, all the Rustines stuff is really cool, what is the outlook for getting that back into inventory?

ADMIN said...

nice ...