06 July, 2006

Velo Orange Saddle Bags are Here ($68)

This is our first piece of VO brand bike luggage. The Velo Orange saddle bag is made of thick canvas that matches the color of the classic old TA bag. It has a stiffener in back so it maintains it's shape and a separate pocket for your wallet. there are inner flaps that can be secured to keep the contents restrained on rough roads. The buckles are solid brass, not plated.

It's about the perfect size for a long day's ride with room for a tool kit and spare tube, a rain jacket, a wool cap, knee warmers, a small camera, a cell phone, and plenty of snacks. If your rain jacket gets wet you can secure it under the extra long top strap. The price is $68 in the Velo Orange store.

In the future we hope to make a smaller version, a matching handlebar bag, panniers, and a large seat bag.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! They look great.

Anonymous said...


Really nice looking bag! Anyhow, since I have a Banana Bag I will be holding off on buying one but I am really looking forward the panniers and handlebar bag you have on the way.


Anonymous said...

This bag looks great! Congratulations. It's enough like everything else out there in size and shape to be useful, but different enough in visual appearance -- and lower price -- to turn some heads.

As soon as I can convince my sweetie that I need another bike in my life, I'll be looking at one of these. Nicely done.

rigtenzin said...

Your bag is very cool. I congratulate you on the work it must take to get all your products going.

I offer this little criticism with the best intentions. The photo of the bag with the logo showing is not the best, because the bag is wrinkled or rumpled a bit and it makes the logo patch look crooked. I'm sure it's just an illusion caused by the rumpled part of the bag. If that were straightened out, it would show your nice work in a little better way.

Lesli Larson said...

Very nice. I look forward to seeing further bag designs--perhaps a slightly larger rear saddle bag with an internal pocket or a berthoud style front handlebar bag.

rgonet said...

I just got my bag in the mail today and it's a nice piece of work. To me the bag looks larger in the photos than in person (perhaps the fruit in the bag should have been more of a giveaway), but I nevertheless find the size perfect for me. Can't wait to get caught in the rain.