12 July, 2006

Ding Ding... We Have Bells Again

The long awaited shipment of fine Japanese bells arrived today. So we are filling all existing orders plus any others you care to place. If you order your bell with a spacer mount, we will gladly, (and at no charge) install it on the spacer mount, just ask in the comments box on the order form.

And yes we have the aluminum bells too.

By the way, there is something very cool and rare in the store. If you're an old Campy fan you'll be interested.


James said...

I take it the only brass and no copper bells were ordered. Am I the only person who prefers the copper bells? I've never liked brass, perhaps because it reminds me of cheap fireplace tools.
Jitensha told me their copper bells - I bought the last one - were mistakenly included in an order. If you ever were to order copper bells I would buy a few for even though I don't need them .

keithwwalker said...

I just got the brass bell, pre-mounted on a stem spacer post. I have to say that the tone of the bell is quite exquisite, it just goes on and on like a Tibetan chime - well maybe I exaggerate a bit, but 100x better than those ubiquitous Chinese bells.

Minor quibbles:
Coloration of the bell was a little uneven, but that may be just a byproduct of the manufacturing process.

Also would of been nice to have an option of a brass or golden anodized aluminum stem spacer.

If the copper bell becomes available it would be great to have two different chime tones on one bike!