06 July, 2006

Still More New Products

We've added a few more products to the Velo Orange store.

We now have Brooks saddles at some of the lowest prices around. Currently we stock the B17 saddles ($57) and Brooks Team Pros ($115) . We can get most other models in 48 hours and at very low prices, so please e-mail if there's a particular model you need.

I also found a stash of chrome Silca frame pumps, the old type with the screw on head. They are $32 each and there are only a few in each size and we can't re-order, so get em while you can. You'll need to e-mail to get these; there are not enough of them to put in the store.

We also carry Berthoud stainless steel fenders now ($50 per pair with all hardware). I'll add those to the store tomorrow.

For those of you who ride modern bikes, we stock 1-1/8" Stronglight headsets roller bearing headsets ($45). And we have the famous Stronglight Delta headsets, as well as the legendary A9s.

We'll have Delta stainless steel water bottle cages tomorrow.

The Japanese Bells have been delayed for yet another week. I am apoplectic about this, and apologetic. Why on earth would it take over two months to get 300 bike bells?

Also, we know a number of you have ordered TA track pedals. I'm sorry to say that there are no more of them in th US so far as I can tell. We have plenty of road pedals, but no more track models; sorry. TA pedals are one of those rare items you should buy when they are available.

What other products do you think Velo Orange should carry?


Anonymous said...

Kool Stop Continental brake pads. I can't get them in Canada.

Anonymous said...

will you be getting any more sizes of the Berthoud fenders?

Velo Orange said...

Yes, we can get most sizes of Berthoud fenders, but I'm not sure what we should stock. What size do you need?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the 650B x40 fenders. Is this what's in stock?

Velo Orange said...

We only have 700c x 40mm fenders now, but I'm working on getting other sizes.