27 July, 2006

New Front Rack Photos

Here are a couple of photos of the new Velo Orange rack mounted on my Motobecane city bike. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

We're talking with a couple of new shops with larger production capacities about making these. I want to be able to fill orders in a timely manner, which wasn't always possible with decaleurs and rear racks.

The rack works well as is, but we'll make a few very minor changes to improve fit. I'd like it to sit about 9mm further forward to better clear someof the modern "fat" brakes.

The price for this rack will be about the same as the rear rack. If you're interested please reserve one by sending an e-mail. As usual there is no deposit or obligation required. The reservations help us judge demand so we make the right number in the first run.

I think it looks pretty good. How about you?


Andrew Karre said...

I think it looks good. Simple and clean. It would be nice to see a close up of how you attached it to the fork ends (if I used this rack, I'd have to make it play nicely with Honjo fender hardware).

Greg said...

The rack looks great. Thanks for posting photos of it on a bike. I'm very curious to see your alternative mounting option to lowrider mounts, mid fork.

Doug Van Cleve said...

Chris, nice but I too would like to see how it is mounted at the crown and drops...

Chris Kulczycki said...

The rack is mounted at the crown using the same bolt that holds the fender in place. It's one of those special French bolts that go over the brake bolt. In other words, the rack tang is sandwiched between the bottom of the crown and the fender.

At the dropout it mounts just like the rear rack, except it is outside of the fender struts. If you don't have fenders you simply put a nut on the machine screw between the eyelet and rack tang.

The metal shop has my rack again so they can build fixtures for the production run. So I can't take more photos of it right now.