27 July, 2006

New Old Stock Treasures

We found a few treasures in a dusty warehouse.

The Fiamme stems are among the prettiest bike stems ever made in my humble opinion. One is going on my Ebisu and I'm tempted to keep them all for myself ;<) They are polished to a near mirror finish and accept standard 26mm road bars. $80.

Several customers have asked for more of the old style Silca pumps with the removable heads. Unfortunately there are no more in chrome, but we found a few silver pumps. We also have some in white, which are often spray painted to match the bike. ($26)

Finally we have a very small supply of TA Professional 3-Pin cranks. This was the old TA racing crank. It uses 116 bcd rings which are available in sizes from 36 to 68 tooth.

How do you like our new orange background?


Anonymous said...

Is the stem cast to look handmade or is it actually lugged and brazed?

Is there a special significance to the orange color or did you just pick a color out of the spectrum? Velo Blue?

Velo Orange said...


The handmade stems are actually made to look like these old stems, maybe. I don't know which came first, but cast stems that look like this one have been around for at least 50 years. I really do hate to sell them.

Velo Orange? I just like orange bikes. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

The orange background is sweet, but don't use it for everything. It might be interesting to find other orange backgrounds. Same color, different surface. But, I really enjoy the mix of shots; they look like they just happen naturally, without too much thought to anything but showing off the item. My favorite photo so far has been the one of the chromey Silca pump with bottle of Blue Moon.

If and when you do a V.O. frame, what will you call it? "Velo Orange"? Then you've got a Orange Bicycle Bicycle. I might suggest, simply "Orange". It would make a very simple. strong decal.

Velo Orange said...

Orange? Hmmm... Then the kids bike could be the Kumquat. A Mixte might be the Tangerine. Valencia for the racing version? A fixie called the Juicy. I think your on to something here Andy!

Anonymous said...

Of course, there is that UK bike company called Orange--so maybe you'll have to include the 'velo' bit
m burdge