28 March, 2018

New VO Luggage Has Landed!

by Igor

We are very pleased to announce that after over a year of designing, testing, physical submerging, re-designing, more testing, and finally production, our USA made luggage line has arrived.

The collaboration efforts between VO and Road Runner Bags of LA has been an absolute blast and we couldn't be happier with the quality and workmanship of these new offerings. We're also thrilled that each item is 100% vegan-friendly and available in four colors: Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue, and Teal.

So without further ado, let's jump right in.

Randonneur Handlebar Bag
This is our take on a traditional handlebar bag, but with lots of modern materials, modularity, and easy fitment. Jump over to the product page for the long copy, but here are the finer details:
  • Super abrasion resistant Cordura
  • Waterproof, truck-tarp liner in safety orange (so that you aren't rummaging through a black hole).
  • Clear map pocket with a waterproof zipper, perfect for your map, queue sheet, control card, energy bars, keys, wallet, etc...
  • Pleated front pocket with reflective strip
  • Velcro molle straps for accessories such as the Snapper Sack and Cell Phone Pocket
  • Pre-installed grommets to fit and work perfectly with our Randonneur Racks with Integrated Decaleurs and Campeur Front Rack. No need to drill holes or heat up a soldering iron.
  • Height: 22cm, Width: 27cm, Depth: 19.5cm, Weight: 736g
Snapper Sack and Cell Phone Pocket Accessories

Whether you take a compact camera or an SLR plus two lenses out on rides, it's nice to have your photo equipment quickly accessible for that "decisive moment". The Snapper Sack features a padded Cordura enclosure to keep your camera safe from jarring, while the combination snow collar and dust shield keeps debris out. 
The Cell Phone Pocket is sized to fit modern smart phones. It gobbles up the plus-sized cell phones with ease. It's also useful for snacks, a power brick, or anything else you may need to access quickly that's generally in the shape of a rectangle.
Both pouches connect to the Randonneur Handlebar Bag's molle straps via heavy-duty velcro straps, but can also be connected to the mesh of a basket or your backpack's straps. The Snapper Sack weighs 79g and the Cell Phone Pocket weighs 84g.

Sometimes the best bags are the simplest. Here is a ~29L, non-structured, durable, waterproof, roll top bag for your Porteur Rack. In addition to being great for commuting, it's also the perfect companion for touring. The bag also features a pleated front pocket with a reflective safety strip.
While it's designed for our Porteur Rack, it fits well within a Wald 1372 Basket, and will probably work with other large-platform'd racks. Weight is roughly 513g.

The Day Tripper Saddle Bag is the perfect mate for cyclo-tourists, randonneurs, roadies, and mountain bikers alike looking for a bit more capacity during an all-day ride. It's a great size for packing an extra layer, tools, wallet, keys, camera, film, and even a mini-pump.

The bag uses a combination of Cordura and rip-stop nylon for durability, simplicity, and expandability. Mega-Grip is featured on the touch points to keep the bag in place, while the rear has a molle strap for a blinkie and a reflective panel to keep you seen when sunlight is fading. Weight is 223g.

We're excited to offer this new line and are already working on some new designs. Happy riding!


Anonymous said...

needs a Caradice style saddle bag to match that handlebar bag...

Anonymous said...

All nice stuff, I'll look on the computer when I get a chance instead of these tiny phone pics

Anonymous said...

Looks great. If I may make a suggestion, how about a photo of the back of the bag, and a view inside. People who are buying something this costly may want to see all sides before committing. I am not in the market right now, but that's the first thing I thought on seeing the pics. (This is not a criticism of what looks like a very nice design.)
Jon in New Jersey

VeloOrange said...

Hey Jon,

If you scroll through the product photos, there is a photo of the back of the bag and open. But I'll include a look inside, too.


Anonymous said...

Great alternative but why is it so hard to state the volume of your bags?
Think it's the first question a customer ask, at least I do.
Fill them up with dried peas and measure ftlog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Just scoured the internet for two weeks and maybe saw two insides or bottoms or even backsides of bags. Hard to buy online when you can't touch, see and feel enuff as it is.

VeloOrange said...

I have uploaded an additional photo of the inside of the bag. Scroll through the photos for all of the angles.


UrbanFlaneur said...

Thanks Igor - could you also upload a picture of the inside of the tranporteur bag too?