27 March, 2018

Project Updates and a Few Housekeeping Items

by Igor

I thought it would be a good time to give you all a few updates on projects we've been working on as well as a few neat happenings coming up.

Our online and garage sale was a tremendous hit - this year blew our previous sales records out of the water by a very decent margin. Please know that we are working as fast as we can to pack up and process all of your orders.

We are planning to ship Polyvalents and Piolets in late-May to those who have pre-ordered. It's a slight bit later than we were aiming for, but after well over two years of development, testing, and prototyping iterations, we're happy that they're almost here! We've extended the pre-sale window to April 1st. After that, you'll have to wait until the production run arrives to our warehouse to order them.

The new VO ✕ RRB bags have arrived in our warehouse. They'll be on the site this week once they're photographed and the dust settles from our Spring Thing. Here's the last teaser before they go live, I promise.

650b x 58mm Wavy Fenders: we had to do a bit of modification to the tooling before the full production run, but they should be completed around mid-April. We'll probably air freight a whole bunch off the bat. This fenderset will cost a slight bit more than our other offerings, mostly because the tooling has been the most labor and cost intensive. Our other fender toolings use a single roller, but this one uses two - a male and female pair of rollers with a very specific amount of pressure to make sure the fender receives the pattern properly without deforming the metal or damaging its mate. By popular request, we're getting them in Noir as well as our MO, polished silver.

Adrian, Theodore, and I will be going to Eroica California! My Campeur is getting rebuilt with non-aero levers, Suntour Sprint dangler, polished 8 speed Duracé pusher, racks and LED lighting will be removed, cockpit will have Rando Bars and a Grand Cru Quill Stem, and of course, toe clips and straps. A lot of people assume the Campeur rides like a tank since it is designed for touring, but it is actually a great stripped down, lightweight roadie, too.

In addition to the ride, we will be enjoying everything the festival and Central California has to offer, as well as visiting friends up and down the coast. Of course we have an appropriate Molteni onesie for Theodore, courtesy of Clint.

Lastly, we do have an email list. We send out emails sparingly - a couple times a month and it's most often a collection of new products, blog posts you may have missed, and other VO happenings. We never buy emails and will never sell your email. You can find a signup link here: http://eepurl.com/cRu4cD

That's it for now, Happy Riding!


Mike said...

The new and the old. The Suntour is the finishing touch.

Mr. McDermott said...

What about some sort of a bonus gift for people who preordered Polyvalents back in February, eh? Eh? EH?

Unknown said...

I just missed a Strava section record on my Campeur with fenders and a rear rack. Missed it by 2 secs. Should have taken off the rear rack, lol.