28 January, 2016

VO Blog Posts from 2006

This is our 1150th blog post. There's a lot fun information, and a lot of useless stuff too, in all those old posts. I was just reading some from the first couple of years and thought you might get a kick of them. Here are a few links to fun posts from 2006, our first year. In March VO will be 10 years old.

ATAX Internally Expanding Seat Post, This seat post works like a stem.

Cities for Bikes, and for People, I enjoyed writing this post about car-free towns.

Velo Retro, This post is about a cool company where I've bought some reproduction classic bike catalogs and t-shirts

The Simplex Super LJ Derailleur, the best derailleur ever?

The Mysterious Death of Ottavio Bottecchia, great story.

What about NERVAR? The cool French manufacturer you may have forgotten about.

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