13 January, 2016

Camargue Eats Cobbles

by Igor
Annapolis is an old city. Not 12th century European old, but it's still old by American standards.
Back in the 17th century, they couldn't have anticipated 2 ton rectangles with four wheels and small explosions emanating from in front of the driver while barreling up Main St and spewing hydrocarbons.
Bonus points if you know what street this is. Photo courtesy of the MD Government Archives.
All the transportation around the city was by horse, foot, velocipedes, carriages, and wagons. This is why the streets are very narrow and cobbled. The Hysterical (Historic) Preservation Commission ensures that they stay old. So.....they need some work.
Someone with a BMX needs to hit this jump

Today's Main St.
Freezing and thawing of water in addition to automobile traffic doesn't help the condition of the streets, either.
The tire clearance on the Camargue makes it an excellent candidate for an all-round bike that tackles the road and trail. The tires fitted on this build are the 700cx47mm Continental Comfort Contact. The bike swallows up vibrations and impacts with ease.
We're paring down bikes in our showroom, so this tour-ready machine is for sale! SOLD!


Wes Ewell said...

Those are the tires I use on my Camargue. They not only absorb all the bumps, but they roll as well as much narrower high-pressure tires.

doc said...

Beautiful bike. Pinkney Street?

VeloOrange said...

@doc, right!