25 January, 2016

Snow Bikes

by Igor

The East Coast under a blanket of snow and a sheet of ice, so I've stocked up on coffee for coffee-outside-inside (think igloo), firewood, and freshly rolled Ilford Pan F 50.
In addition, I've re-arranged the Piolet for trail riding and snow duty. Riser bars and big tires make it look like a BMX bike on HGH.
Clint re-arranged his Travelers Check with snow duty in mind as well. Flat bars mountain bars, clipless pedals, singlespeed, and knobby tires.
Both machines will fair well in the snow using different techniques. The Piolet with 12psi 3.0" tires with lots of floatation stay on top of the snow, while the TC with 35mm knobbies cuts through the snow to reach the terrain underneath.

What makes a good all-weather bike for you?


editorque said...

Any list would need to include grippy platform pedals, at least 35mm knobby tires if not 40mm, and flat or riser bars. All else depends on depth, temp, and whether the goal is transport or fun (not mutually exclusive)

bsimon said...

wider is not necessarily better in snow. yes, fat means float, but some prefer the thinner tire slicing through the snow to pavement - messengers around here ride thin through the winter (minneapolis).

Anonymous said...

I'm more of a Gram Parsons fan, really.

MMcG said...

Is that 29+ or 27.5+ on the Piolet in these photos??

VeloOrange said...

27.5 tires on the Piolet

doc said...

OK. Now you have my attention. What rims are you running with the 27.5? How's the clearance?

VeloOrange said...


Rims are Velocity Dually's. Tires are Panaracer Fat B Nimble 3.5's. Although when they are mounted, only measure to 3.0 (very common for this model). Clearance is fine, no rubbing.


One Eyed z said...

My all weather commuter is a full fendered Surly Cross Check fixed gear with a Straggler fork, front disc brake (Avid BB7), Shimano Dymo hub w/light, Surly 8-pack rack, and Conti Top Contact Winter tires (700x37). Been riding it for years and I love it.