03 February, 2016

Rustines réapprovisionner

by Scott

When we first brought in Rustines back in June, we had hoped that it would prove popular with our customers. After all,  French made patch kits, Mafac and Campy brake hoods done in the traditional colors and some awesome bungee's were all things that we like when we first saw samples.

Well, since that initial order, we have been overwhelmed by the response of folks to the products. Our latest restock is a bit later then we had hoped, owing to the holiday break and Snowzilla, but we are back to having everything in stock. In particular interest to folks, the Campy Gum hoods are back in stock.

So, we have the constructeur rack bungee's back in stock in colors.

We have the bar plugs back in gum as well as the other colors.

And the caps do look stylish.

The individual glue tube are back in stock now.
While supplies last, we do have counter displays for shops.If they order 10 of the expedition patch kits, we'll ship the counter display along with the order.

1 comment:

Rod Bruckdorfer said...

Rustines makes great products. Pleased to see Velo Orange carries their product line.