07 March, 2014

Switchable cassettes

by Scott

Here at VO, we run a variety of derailleurs on our bikes. Some of us have run Shimano for years, while others have switched between Shimano and Campy depending on the bike.

One of the great things about our Grand Cru and Hi-Low hubs is that you don't have to commit to one derailleur religion or the other. You have the option of running either Shimano or Campy cassettes on our hubs, since our toolless system allows you to switch out the cassette bodies. The toolless system is also handy when you find yourself at the side of the road replacing a drive-side spoke.

We offer a steel Shimano cassette body and a steel Campy body as options for the Grand Cru and Hi-Low hubs. We also offer an alloy Shimano cassette body as a separate item for folks trying to lose some weight.
The standard steel Shimano body weighs 146 grams while the alloy body weighs 81 grams. The steel one is more durable and best suited if you are running un-spidered cogs, like some custom cassettes and some high end cassettes. The alloy one works only with cassettes that have the full spider on the back of them.

Campy Cassette Body

Aluminum Shimano Cassette Body

You should inspect the pawls (the little springs at the back that engage the freehub body) every six months or so. Take the cassette out, clean out the area, and then re-lube the pawls with some light mineral oil. Don't use grease, as it is too thick and won't allow the pawls to spring properly.

Our freehub bodies work with 7-10 speed cassettes (the 7-speed need a 4.5mm spacer at the back).


Adam Booth said...

I consider myself a derailleur pluralist with friction shifting. But cassettes too... that's even better! When this current XT hub dies I think I'll be trying this.

Raiyn said...

Blasphemy I know, but if you were to produce this in a disc version you might clean up with the folks who ride bikes like the Surly Straggler. Especially if you kept the price WELL south of the Phil Wood FSC's I know I'd love to have a set of GRand Cru polished disc hubs

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent hub for any bike that comes apart to fit in a suitcase- you are left with a very narrow wheel to pack.

Bob Goodison

Anonymous said...

I second the idea of a disc version of these hubs, I'd buy at least 2-3....

Anonymous said...

Something I've always liked about Mavic 571/2 hubs