26 March, 2014

Pass Hunter Review in Bicycle Times

Bicycle Times just published a great review of the VO Pass Hunter. The review is not on line yet, but here are a few quotes:

"OK, we've established this thing is a looker.. Fortunately those good looks are backed up with a great ride."

"..the Pass Hunter felt sporty, goading me into leaving in the big ring and powering over the next rise rather that drop down to the small ring and spinning up slowly."

"And descend this bike does. ...the Pass Hunter brought out the daredevil in me, encouraging me to let it all hang out going down hill. 

"The frame has the steel "feel" that most other materials still try to emulate: resilient over rough surfaces, the lively spring when powering out of corners, but enough stiffness to descend with confidence, even with a light load."

"And I'm not sure what makes it work this way, but this is one of the few bikes I've ridden that is stable enough with a handlebar bag to ride no handed."

"Don't let the cantilever brakes and big tires fool you, this isn't a touring bike, it's a sporty road bike that is versatile enough to be built up for spirited group rides, all weather back road bashing, or credit card touring."

"I'm thoroughly impressed, impressed enough that I'm debating purchasing a frame and fork for myself."
I'm really pleased that we keep getting reviews like this. Please pick up the May issue of Bicycle Times and read the whole thing (there are other good articles, too). I've long worried that cyclists compare frames only by looking at angles and geometry and price. But what really makes a frame great, and what I hope distinguishes VO frames from others, is how they ride and how well they are made. These are things that are hard to judge looking at specs and charts and photos. Reviews like this are a big help.

On another review related note, the Adventure Cycling review of the Campeur is now on line.


Jim said...

Great review. I'm glad to know your steel frame has a "steel" feel. Funny how that works! Regarding the position of the rider in the picture at the top of the page--do people really ride like that, outside of photo shoots? While the rider looks slightly aero, he looks really uncomfortable, unnatural, and unlike any rider I have encountered IRL.

VeloOrange said...

Jim, I think the reviewer was saying that this is how a good steel frame is supposed to feel. There are plenty of steel frames that feel lifeless.

As for the rider position, I often see that position on fast group rides. Heck I even ride like that once in a while, when I'm feeling sprightly.

SSSasky said...

@Jim - I don't get what you mean. Do you never cruise in the drops? Looks like his bar height is pretty high, and his body position looks pretty neutral for a quick road ride to me.

I would guess from the bend in his arms that he is giving it some gas at that point, which might explain the tuck a bit more.

dana the tall said...

I use whatever part of the bar suits me at the moment to include the drops, which are especially useful in headwinds, which are part of everyday life here in Kansas.

Kelvin Mulcky said...

I would say that the only disapointment in my Passhunter is the open area at the seatstay bridge above the fender mount. What is the deal with that?

Otherwise, love the bike!