19 March, 2014

NAHBS Photos

by Igor

We just got back from a great NAHBS show. Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by the booth. It was fun putting faces to names and meeting our dealers who made the trek out.

There was tons of eye candy, but I looked for the details of bikes that were easily overlooked and overshadowed by new bike trends.

Grand Cru brakes on a Cielo.

Beautifully crafted Ellis road bike with NOS 25th anniversary DA

If Batman had a bike

Crazy internally cable routing by Bilenky on a steel TT frame. Yes, that's a baboon.
1st gen PolyV in the wild

Bilenky has a history of making stunning tandems

Paul Brodie's bike. Modeled after an early 1900s style. All components fabricated in-house, down to the brass crankset.


Anonymous said...

Love the primate on the Bilenky, but it's a mandrill, a more colorful relative of the baboon. Either way, I wish I had a monkey-powered bicycle like that.

Jay Kinsinger said...

I just found pictures of my wooden tandem on your blog. Thanks for the shout out. It was truly a pleasure meeting you folds at NAHBS. I'm convinced that VO components will look spectacular on my wooden frames ...or, my wooden frames will look spectacular on VO components.

Thanks! Sojourner Cyclery
Jay Kinsinger