21 March, 2014

Igor's big Taiwan Adventure

by Igor

Chris and I got back from Taiwan just in time for NAHBS,  It was a great time meeting with manufacturers, going to the Cycle Show (one of the biggest bike shows in the world, only rivaled by Eurobike), eating amazing street food, and lounging at the skin melting hot springs. A photo tells a thousand words, so..... onward to the photos! A full gallery is available here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eccentricvelo/sets/72157642695296584/

To Japan, over Canada

Longshan Temple
Delicious treat. Strawberries and tomatoes in a hard gelatin.

Anyone know the model?
Frames are tested to the literal breaking point here

All of our frames are handmade
Grand Cru Stems being boxed up to us!
Obligatory cat photo

 Arthur from Voyager Touring Co is a great guy and does some amazing touring and rando style builds featuring our products as well as many products sourced from USA, UK, Japan, and right at home.

Koi pond in front of the shop. Great place to relax at home.
I also had a chance to stop by Sense30 bikes. Not only do Yeh and Lee have a great sartorial style, they also know their old bike stuff. Fantastic selection of NOS French, Italian, and Japanese components and accessories. In addition, they have their own custom frames brazed locally for customer builds.

NOS Colnago outfitted with NOS 40th Anniversary Campagnolo

Shop dog
Old and new at 2/28 Peace Park

That's one way to do it.

Mini Velo Fat bike

The road in front of the Presidential Palace was closed down for a scheduled protest.

Gondola going into the mountains
Low visibility
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall is overwhelmingly huge.

The steed. A bit small.

Mid ride snack

Bo'Ai road, also known as Camera Street. Eye candy and fancy glass abound!

Seriously, 7-11: Bring these Sushi Triangles into the States. I will buy them.
On the way home, to go straight to NAHBS.


Daniel said...

Great post. Good to see that some interesting bike shops are taking root in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...


the car is a Mitsuoka Viewt , I think it's basically a nissan micra with a jaguar bodykit.

Hajime said...

The white car must be a modified March(Micra in your country ?)by Nissan.

Anonymous said...

The car is the Nissan March (Micra) Bolero (aka Verita). One of my favorites when I was in Taiwan. It is not modified, just a limited factory fancy trim model. Check out the wikipedia page.