03 January, 2014

More Camargue testing

by Scott

With some extra time available this past week, I managed to get some more miles in on our 26" wheeled test Camargue.

These shots were all taken at Clopper Lake, part of Seneca State Park, here in Maryland.

No, the pedal didn't do that. The lake is home to beavers and their presence is very noticeable.

We set up the bike with Casey's Crazy bars with bar end shifters on the extensions. Worked pretty well on the single track trail network.

Non VO issue seat bag- an old Carousel design bag

No problems with pedal strike with the Sabot pedals


Anonymous said...

so the small ones will be 26" rather than 650B? Interesting. I want a big one in 700c so it doesn't matter to me, but still an interesting choice.

Here's one vote to keep that awesome dusty green color to production.


Anonymous said...


snake plissken said...

when are these going to be available??
I vote for the green color too

Chris L said...

Great shots! I like the flat black and it's what I plan to use once I finally find that "perfect" frame.

I can't wait to see the final stats for this bike. The 56cm version is the closest I've seen to what I'm looking for but until I see S.O. height and eff T-T length, I won't know for sure.

Looking forward to this Spring when (hopefully) these will be on their way to market.

Wes Ewell said...

A 2-1/2 year old in my family tells us "I need pink". That's how I feel about the Camargue. When will we be able to buy one?

VeloOrange said...

They will be green and available sometime in Spring, don't have an exact date yet.