23 December, 2013

Merry Holidays

Scott carpet grinding in the VO office, an early start to his holiday Camargue  testing trip. 
I wanted to wish all our customers, dealers, distributors, and suppliers a merry and restful holiday. Thanks to all of you for another great year.

This is the last day that we'll be open in 2013; it's vacation time at VO until January 2nd. We'll be back next month to work on some really cool new products (details later.) Again, have a great holiday!


David Pearce said...

And Merry Holidays back! You may not realize what you've done for me this year: I've built my bike, A.K.A. The Green Hornet from your Polyvalent frame, a 1998 Campagnolo Ergopower 3x9 speed Gruppo, but with a lot of your components to boot: Zeste Brakes, Diagonale rims, stem, rando handlebar, seatpost, front rack/decaleur, your front bag! And Honjo hammered fenders from Compass Bicycles. You helped me keep my sanity each weekend, as I traveled each weekend from Washington, D.C. to Charlottesville, Va., to visit my Mother in the nursing home there, and stay over at my Sister's house. The bike is nearly done now, fenders attached per Peter Weigle's instructions. Only lights are needed! Thank you!

erick said...

happy holidays to you!!
can i ask for a present?...
dear santa, i would love a low rider rack designed to fit a pass hunter front rack, just to add when is necesary.
like this: