19 December, 2013

Holiday Closing

by Annette

It's time for our annual staff shutdown, after a year of some pretty major stuff. So VO will close for the winter holidays from Tuesday, December 24 through January 1; we'll re-open on Thursday, January 2nd. No orders will be shipped while we're closed, nor will phones or e-mails be answered. Our last day to ship orders is Monday, December 23, so be sure to get in any orders this coming weekend.

None of us here is too sentimental, but we sure can be silly. Our landlord gave us a box of treats this week;  you can't imagine how childishly tickled we were at the milk chocolate buildings and the dark chocolate hardhats.

In that vein, we've looked back at to our milestones of 2013 and summarize it thus:

Twelve Marcs a-biking
Eleven brand new shelving
Ten kilos soaping
Nine desks a-groaning
Eight cabinets showing
Seven mugs a-steaming
Six containers loading
Five Opinels!
Four 10x10s
Three Camargues
Two orange sofas
and a Pass Hunter under the tree.

Best wishes to our customers, dealers, and friends, and thank you for another banner year.


Mat said...

So what coffee solution did you go with?

Mat said...

10 mugs a steaming—what was the result of your epic office coffee deliberation? The Vargo camp stove?

VeloOrange said...

We finally went with the Bonavita 8-cup coffee maker, a highly rated basic drip system with a thermal carafe (so thermal that when the brewing is done, the machine switches off: no burner!) It forces us to discard the grounds immediately, as it's designed to not pour unless the filter basket is removed. Ingenious, and yes, we would recommend it!