31 January, 2014

New Container Day

by Igor

We are hard at work organizing and restocking products from the container we just unloaded. We are super excited about this particular container for two reasons. First, we like having our shelves ready for the upcoming riding season, which we anticipate to be awesome. Second, this container has some new products which we've talked about and alluded to in the past.

First off is our Noir Edition Grand Cru Seatpost and Grand Cru Long Reach Brakeset. Superb performance now with the color to match any build. Don't forget about our Noir Edition 1 1/8" Headset!

Second, we got these really nice classic styled Microfiber Touring Saddles. They are available in black and brown, measure 150mm x 275mm, and weigh 280 grams. The textured top is super popular with the performance crowd so you won't slip around during a serious hammer fest. The saddles feature a plastic body, cromoly rails, and dense closed-cell foam. It's a great alternative if you'd rather not have any leather on your bike.

Finally, we got in some 50cm wide Rando Drop Handlebars. So if you eat VW Beetles for breakfast and your shoulders have their own zip code, this bar is for you. 
Everything from the container will be put in stock shortly. Polyvalents and Campeurs will be arriving on the next container slated for arrival in late February. 


lukeheller said...

Any chance we could get a measure on the rando bars from ramp-to-ramp?

VeloOrange said...

@lukeheller, 44cm.

lukeheller said...

So 50cm bars measure 44cm ramp-to-ramp and 50cm in the drops? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

any idea when you might have the bottle cage clamps again?

Martin said...

What the heck does "noir" mean?

Anonymous said...

50cm bars will be great on the Camargue!

Any interest in a no-setback seatpost? Due to personal preferences and a nagging knee issue, I put straight posts on all my bikes. The new Noir post would look nice on my ECR.

Dave said...

Those rando bars are huge. Nitto heat treats the larger Noodle bars. Are these heat treated?

Unknown said...

x2 on the no-setback seat posts

John said...

Martin, gotta break out the French dictionary buddy. Velo Orange wouldn't sell plain old "black" parts.

Anonymous said...

Even Truvativ sells "Noir" components, out of carbon fiber.

Kevin P said...

Will the smaller Campeur's be in the next shipment? Specifically the 49cm.

VeloOrange said...

@Kevin P,

Not this container. The prototypes are in production to ensure everything is correct and rides perfectly.

Unknown said...

Any new color on the Campeurs?

David Pearce said...

Dear VĂ©lo-ORANGE,

I am posting this on the Blog so others can see my comments and add their own inputs.

Unfortunately, I have made a fine hash out of your Metallic Braid Brake Cable Kit for your rear Zeste brake. I have ordered a new brake cable kit from you to replace the rear brake cable, which I regrettably butchered.

However, I would like to see some replacement parts available to order, for the Zeste brakes, namely: 1.) The (rear) straddle wire, which has broken a strand, due to repeated adjustment of the straddle wire hanger, and; 2.) The teeny-tiny (rear) Philips-flathead screw, and the two teeny-tiny Allen set screws, which regrettably vibrated lost when I was test-driving the bike with the straddle-wire-hanger not tightened.

I found replacement parts at Lowe's that will fit, but they are a different color (black) and longer than the parts you run.

So, I would like some wear-item replacements available for purchase, without having to waste money buying a whole new brake set just to raid it for a few needed parts.


David Pearce,
Your faithful constructeur!

David Pearce said...

Please comment on the philosophy of your straddle wire hanger in your cantilever and Zeste brakes, with its three small screws and difficult pathway to pull the brake cable through, vs. your Grand Cru Straddle Wire Roller Hanger (currently out of stock).

WHAT is (are) the point(s) why you would WANT a "locking" straddle wire hanger, especially considering that I have accidentally broken a strand of the straddle wire due to adjustment and tightening of the set screws.

I ask in all sincerity and am looking for constructive answers, hope I'm not sounding presumptuous or rude!

Why NOT use the simpler roller hanger, or just a plain hanger?

I can't wait--I've just bought a NOS Gran Compe roller hanger (admittedly not as nice as your Gran Cru version) and a NOS Dia Compe plain hanger, as well as a pair of straddle wires, on Ebay.

And I've added my name to the Wish List for when your Gran Cru roller hangers are back in stock.

Thanks, David

VeloOrange said...

A lot of folks feel that canti brakes are easier to keep adjusted with a locking straddle wire carrier. You should not over-tighten the lock screws, just snug them up.

We simply don't sell many of the roller hangers and will probably discontinue them. Sorry.

We do have many small brake parts that are not on the web site because folks so rarely need them. Simply e-mail if you need an odd screw or something like that.

Anonymous said...

A comment on your Noir choices. While I much prefer silver for the traditional look, I have recommended your fenders to a couple friends recently and they both rejected them. Both recognized the desirability of metal, but felt a black fender would fit their bike much better than silver.