23 January, 2014

Recall: Early VO Seatpost Upper Clamp

We are recalling the upper clamp used on the first few production runs of the VO long-setback seatpost. It has been reported to us that these early clamps may develop cracks or break, causing a hazard to the rider. We advise customers to not use the seatposts until the clamp is replaced with the newer version.

The newer and stronger style of clamp has two reinforcing ridges along the top. The old style has a smooth top as shown below.

This is the old style that should be replaced. (top view)

This is the new stronger style that is fine. Note the two ridges on top.
Please e-mail (info@velo-orange.com) or call us (443-949-8115) and we'll send you a replacement clamp at no charge. Or you can send back the entire seatpost and we'll replace the clamp for you.

Note: that this only affects seatposts produced from August 2008 to late 2010 and sold through mid 2011. The bulk of the older upper clamps were sold as part of  item code VOGCSP (2008 - 2010); fewer were sold as part of item code SE-0001 (2011).