23 May, 2006

New Rear Rack and Other Stuff

Here is the first of the Velo Orange Herse-style rear racks. The detachable bar connects to the brake bridge, but bikes with metal fenders don't need the bar because the rack has proper bosses for fender mounting. It is all 304 stainless steel with the expected flawless welding.

I hope this rack fills a need for an elegant and small superbly made rear rack for those of us who don't need a touring rack. It will accept a set of small panniers for a multi-day trip, serve as a platform for a saddle bag, or carry a rack-top bag. It is just big enough for a couple of baguettes or bottles of wine. A Sunday New York Times, a few books, or a box of doughnuts will also make an acceptable load.

Notice that the tangs and the brake bridge bar are un-drilled. The customer will drill them to fit the bike. Thus the rack will sit as low as possible, right on the fender. This will improve both looks and handling.

This prototype differs from the production version in a few small ways: The finish on this one is satin, the production version will be highly polished. I think we'll also make the platform on the production version a little longer. And there will be no holes in the top of the platform on the production version; the metal shop misunderstood how the bosses should be installed.

I don't know the exact price yet, but I think it will be under $100. As with the decaleurs, the first run will be very small so we can test the proccess. If you'd like one please reserve it soon. There is no deposit required, just an e-mail saying you want one.

I'll post a photo of this one on my bike later. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

In other developments:

The next run of decaleurs has a satin, not polished finish on the bag mount bar. This is due to a specifications error on my part. But they will be as well made and identical in every other way to the first run. If you want a shiny one, there are only a couple left.

We have the dies for the elk hide handlebar covers and they should be available by the end of this week. I'll post photos tomorrow. Posted by Picasa


Andrew said...

Looks nice Chris. Have you weighed it?

Velo Orange said...

The weight is about 17 ounces. That's about 3 0r 4 ounce more than the true weight of a Tubas Luna. I think we might get the weight a little lower on the production version.


Velo Orange said...

By the way, I compare this rack to the Tubus Luna only because that's the closest stainless steel rack in size and shape. There are few choices in minimalist racks. The Luna costs $160.


Anonymous said...


What drop out spacing are you anticipating this to be used with ?

I ask since a rack designed for, say 126 spacing will have to flare out quite a bit when spread for 135 spacing. Which in turn causes the mounting plates to not be parallel with the drop out braze-on mounts.


Velo Orange said...

So far I've tried the rack on a bike with 135 and 126 spacing. I set the spacing at around 130 (plus the width of the drop outs). No problems were encountered on either bike. You could bend the tab angles outward a bit for a 120 spaced bike, but I don't think there would really be a need to. You'll find the change in angle is so small that the stainless will flex to conform.