24 May, 2006

More Rear Rack Photos, UPDATED

Here are a few shots of the rack on my Ebisu. I'm rushing to mount it on my city bike next so I can ride downtown and get some lunch and see if there are any rattles going over the cobble stones.

Thanks to input from readers and one day's testing, we'll make the radius at the bottom of the legs tighter. The legs will be about 1" shorter. The rack will be 0.75" longer. And I will look into a dedicated blinkey mount. Many thanks to all of you who wrote with suggestions and ideas.

One more question: Do you think I should offer to drill the tangs (for a fee) for those who are not comfortable doing it themselves? Remember that this eats into time spent developing new products. Are any of you concerned about the drilling?


C said...

Is the hole at the bottom large enough for most pannier hooks? Looks kind of small. Have you tried mounting one on the front end yet? Looks like you could mount it up front without too much difficulty.

Anonymous said...

you mentioned in the prev. post that future racks would be polished. is satin/brushed an option? are there plans for a front rack as well?

Velo Orange said...

The hole in the bottom is big enough for the hooks on my panniers. I guess I should go to a bike store and look at other panniers. Or I might just sell small accessory pannier hooks :<)

I will probably have a ouple of satin finish racks made only because I want to use up that steel. But from then on they will all be polished. You can wire brush or Scotch Brite a rack and it will become satin finish. That's all the metal shop does, though they obviously don't polish them first. The only reason this one is satin finish is that I forgot to spec. the finish on the prototype and they used some tube that's hard to polish.


Anonymous said...

I'm not put off by drilling. I prefer the DIY aspect of this rack.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely not put off by drilling. If someone can't drill their own holes they might be better of dragging the rack to their local bike shop. If you start drilling holes it opens up a can of worms regarding incorrect measurements.


Anonymous said...

I think even people who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with drills have friends or neighbors who aren't.

It seems safer to let the customer do the job with the bike and the rack in the same place. More fun for them, too.