16 May, 2006

More on Toe Clip Covers

How do you like this toe clip cover? I'm thinking of having a die made so we can produce these. Not only do they look cool, but they should keep your toes a little warmer in the winter. I suspect their original purpose was to protect the polished leather cycling shoes that were worn back in the day.

I wonder if I should include the holes that the originals have? Since this would be a fairly expensive die, I'll only make it if a number of you express an interest in them. I think the cost of the covers would be between $10 and $15. What do you think?

By the way, the image is from the Classic Bicycle site, http://members.aol.com/satorumas/, which offers a wealth of information and photos. Of course, it is in Japanese.

In other toe clip cover developments, I made a set of covers for myself from a thick honey-colored leather I'd bought for chainstay protectors and flashlight covers. It's thick enough that I had to wet it before sewing it on, but it looks super. Left untreated it is the color of the original Christophe leathers, but with a little neetsfoot oil rubbed in it exactly matches my Brooks honey saddle, exactly. I'll make these a new item in the Velo Orange store later today.

The last photo shows an old PATURAUD No.38 PIESCHO toe cover.


Alan said...

Does the wide leather toe clip cover just slip over the metal part? Can you leave your other leather covers in place? These look like the ticket for cold weather. On cold, rainy rides I have a hard time keeping my big toes warm and this would have to help.

Velo Orange said...

I think they could be made so they just slip on over the other leathers. I'm not sure how the originals worked, but the toe strap shoud keep them from sliding up if they were a little taller than in the photo.

I guess you vote for no holes?


Anonymous said...

I don't think these would seriously protect your toes from the cold. I mean, there's just no way! Anyone who has ever trained in cold rainy weather will know of what I speak. At best, maybe they will keep your middle toe .01 degree Fahrenheit warmer!

I think the reason they stopped selling these was, they just aren't that useful. Just the regular toe clip leathers suffice dandily to keep one's shoes un-scuffed, I reckon.

(You have it right, the way the originals worked was they just slipped inside the front of the toe clip, and are held on the sides.)

Just my $.02. Keep up the good work @ V-O! All the best, /david

Anonymous said...

I think the new toe cover is cool!! you should make it. I have a Rebour drawing of the cover's back side somewhere, will dig up and send to you. Also I have the Paturaud toe covers, can send you for pattern if you decide to make them.Somewhere on the fixedgear gallery is a pic of my Rivie with the Paturauds.

Anonymous said...

I like the Paratraud cover shown at the bottom of this entry. It resembles the Beezer toeclip covers which were available up until about six years ago. I'd definitely be more interested in something that provided full coverage on the front and sides.