09 May, 2006

Black Mudflaps, Quality Control, and a Red Recall

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We've had several requests for black mudflaps, but I've been unable to find 1/4" thick black hides to cut them from. I did, however, find some very stiff 1/8" to 3/16" leather that we used to make a small run of black flaps. They are very nice and also a little cheaper than the uber-thick honey flaps. $8 in the Velo Orange Store.

All of our leather product have been hand cut up to now. While this is quaint, the quality was worrisome. Sewing holes in the toe clip covers were not always perfect and the mudflap mounting holes could be out of square. So we invested in a die cutting machine and had dies made for our leather parts. These dies are laser cut with incredible precision and the press presses with 5 tons of pressure. You should see a huge improvment in the quality of our leather parts starting today.

Now for the recall: a customer has told us that the black finish on the red/black toe clip covers wears off easily. He is right! That was a bad choice of leather. We now have a new high quality black leather, made for motorcycle jackets. If you bought the black/red and want the new black leather toe clip covers, just e-mail. There is no charge for replacement and no need to send back the old set.

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