02 November, 2020

Taking Time to Vote and an Update on Recent Orders

Here at Velo Orange we believe every vote should be heard and that one of the easiest ways to increase voter engagement is to remove the barriers that might otherwise prevent people from casting a ballot. With this in mind, we will be closed November 3rd for Election Day to allow our employees time to head to the polls. 

This is also a friendly reminder that if you have not already mailed in a ballot or participated in early voting, tomorrow is the day to cast a vote for the causes you believe in and the representatives that support them. While you no doubt are well aware of the national issues this election will decide, as cyclists it is important to take a good look at the leaders and policies represented in your state and local elections, as these could have an impact on the future of cycling in your community. Infrastructure changes, traffic laws, and the emphasis on inclusive transportation could all be at stake. We hope you take this opportunity to make your voice heard.

Shipment Delays for Recent Orders

Last week we received a huge restock of many popular products. The influx of newly back-in-stock items was met with eager demand, so we have been dealing with a larger order volume than is typical. This has led to longer lead times than usual as we catch up in the warehouse. We are working through orders as quickly as possible. Those with orders placed last week should begin to see shipment notifications within the next few days. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. We are quite literally overwhelmed by your support and appreciate your patience!

Pass Hunters, Piolets and More

October's restock was long awaited, but this month will be bringing even more. In late November the next generation of Pass Hunters will arrive. We'll have pre-orders covered plus more frames available for those that missed out on reserving one early. Along with the Pass Hunter framesets, we'll be receiving another restock of parts and accessories to fill the shelves just in time for the holidays. 

In mid-to-late November we will also receive a second shipment with another run of small and medium Polyvalent Low Kickers. Both sizes sold out quickly, so be sure to sign up for a product alert to be notified as soon as they become available again. 

Along with the Low Kickers will come a new batch of Piolet framesets. These Piolets will be the same as the current generation with a new dark metallic blue finish. We've also got a few new and updated products coming in this shipment, including 26" fenders in Noir, Happy Stems in Noir, stainless steel cargo bike fender sets, and "shorty" threadless stems in lengths down to 40 mm. Keep an eye out for more details throughout the month.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Velo Orange for removing barriers for your associates to be able to vote! THAT is being socially responsible.

You just gave me another reason why I like your company so much!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous #1 above. This is what responsible businesses do. Well done.

alors ├ža gaz said...

Good! Idea!

Russ said...

Well done. I'll be buying from you in the future. Thanks for making a stand for voter access.

BSR said...

It starts with small companies like yours. I can imagine a future where (if not an election-day holiday) it will just become socially unacceptable for companies NOT to have a paid holiday for their employees. Bravo!

Evan said...

Hell yeah!!

fraz said...

In Australia elections are held on a Saturday. Everyone votes (it's theoretically compulsory, but there's a bit of a sport to it), polling booths are generally within walking distance (local schools, halls and churches) and local community groups have a fund raising sausage sizzle and cake stall. Then some people have friends round to watch the vote count and results announced seat by seat on the ABC. All good fun really. Hope your elections go well too!