27 October, 2020

Polyvalent Low Kicker and More Fall Arrivals at VO

by Kevin

The Polyvalent Low Kicker has landed. After many, many months of design, development, and testing, we are beyond stoked for the arrival of the latest addition to the Velo Orange lineup. The Low Kicker is a major update to our Polyvalent platform that introduces a low-slung top tube for easy riding while retaining a "do-it-all" design ready to tackle everything from paved commuting to gravel touring. 

We will begin to fill pre-orders in the coming days. For those that missed out on the pre-order, the Low Kicker is now available for order direct from our online store.

And the Low Kicker didn't come alone. As the weather cools down and the days grow shorter, a new shipment of Velo Orange essentials has arrived just in time for your fall and winter bike projects. 

Crazy Bars are back in stock in silver and black. We've received no shortage of questions about when more would be in. A close second, however, is the Klunker Bar, and we're not here to disappoint. Klunkers in their noir finish have also been restocked. We've also received more Left Bank handlebars in 22.2 mm and 23.8 mm sizes as well as Granola Bars in silver and black. 

On the topic of handlebar swaps, if you have been looking for an easy way to convert that old threaded fork to use modern threadless designs in a variety of clamp diameters, our Threadless Stem Adapter is also back in stock. 

We've received more fenders in a variety of popular styles and sizes. 650b x 58 mm fenders are back in black in Smooth and Wavy finishes along with 700c x 52 mm Zeppelin Fenders in Noir. 

And the list goes on. More items back in stock: 

We have also received more stock our Comfy Cotton Bar Tape and Colored Brake Cable and Derailleur Cable kits to add a splash of color to that fall/winter bike build. 

If you have been waiting for something in particular and don't see it in stock, we'll have even more arriving within the next month or two, including the brand new Pass Hunter, a new colorway for the Piolet, and more. 


Fyhn said...

Are there new regular Polyvalents on the way?

VeloOrange said...

Hi Fyhn- More diamond frame Polyvalents will be here in the first quarter of 2021- Scott