13 November, 2020

Runwell Tools are Made in Japan

by Igor

We are pleased to be an official importer of Runwell Tools! Since 2011, Runwell has making absolutely top-notch bicycle tools and lifestyle gear, all in Japan.

I stumbled across Runwell during a doomscrolling session on Instagram when my finger was stopped in its tracks thanks to this post by Parallel Handbuilt in the Netherlands. And since then, we've been working on getting their product into the USA.

Hammered Top Cap

These threadless headset top caps are part of a collaboration between Runwell Tools and master copperware craftsman, Mr. Kazuya Watanabe. They are exquisite and quite literally works of functional art.

15mm Wrench

Look, we've all used cheap tools. That's what they are. They're cheap, disposable, not terribly well made, but they usually get the job done. Hopefully you don't round a nut off.

There is something completely different about a nice tool. The weight is perfect. The finish is flawless. The ergonomics are perfect. And the tool's end fits without slop. This is a tool that you know the maker has made with care throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is a tool that you will enjoy using and sometimes, even look forward to using!

This 15mm Wrench is that nice tool. It features a 15° bend at the head, so you don't hit your knuckles on the fork blade or spokes. It also has a 3-dimensional tapered handle that retains torque strength at the head, while having a flatter, more comfortable, and natural position in the hand.

Portable Allen Wrench Sets

Following along Runwell's unique and top-notch tooling, they have constructed a few allen wrench sets that are great for the shop and on the go: 4-Way, 4/5mm with Belt Clip, and 4/5mm with Paracord.

15mm Pedal Wrench

An absolutely beautiful and perfectly balanced pedal wrench. The paracord wrap gives a proper cushion and grip for installing and removing pedals that have 15mm flats.

Track Tools

Runwell's bicycle history has deep roots in track and fixed gear criterium racing. And as such their tools reflect mechanic and maintenance needs for trackside repairs.

This Cog Tool makes adjusting gearing a breeze. Runwell found that many European track riders don't use lockrings, so they developed a tool that can remove and re-install 12-15t and 16-18t cogs quickly to adjust for track and rider conditions.

NJS-certified chains use a different end connection process than regular quick-links. They use a bolt and nut. So Runwell developed this nifty and compact tool for NJS chains.

Around the House

Imagine you own a tool company, right? Why would you NOT make gear and accessories that have the same high quality form and finish that your tools have, but for use around the house err...bar.

Bottle Opener + 10mm Wrench

A beautiful and hearty 10mm allen wrench with a notch cut out for opening bottles.

Set of Four Stick Stirrers

You don't actually need to use your greasy screwdriver to make a Screwdriver. These Stirrers are made from stainless steel and feature a glass bead-blasted finish. They also make super fun drink identifiers.

Charcuterie Picks, Set of Three

Also made from stainless steel, these pokers feature knurled ends and an impressive finish. Step up your finger-foods game!

Something you've never seen before

Punk's not dead! Stick it to the man with these studded bolts by turning those unused rack and water bottle cage bosses into tools of anarchy. You'll need to make sure your threads are very clean before installing. They simply thread in, but there aren't any flats for installation/removal. Super clean design.

And lastly, this could be the most unique Bicycle x Automotive crossover we've ever come across. Change out that shift knob and attach your favorite 22.2mm grip with this Shifter Knob Grip Kit! You'll want to consult your car's manufacturer or the online forums to see if it will work on your vehicle.

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