20 November, 2018

Closed Over Thanksgiving

by Igor

We'll be closed on November 22rd and re-open on November 26th to give our awesome, hardworking staff time off to spend with their families and get in some long bike rides over the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you need an order shipped before we close, please place it before 3pm EST on November 21st and we'll get it out the door.

Please have a safe and happy Thanskgiving break, and we'll see you bright and early on Monday.

Happy riding!


Phil said...

What location is in the picture? It looks great.

Happy thanksgiving!

VeloOrange said...


That was from our Ireland tour! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


Anonymous said...

Clues: Cyclist on the left. Dotted lines at the edge of the road, and solid in the center. Clouds above, green below. It really looks like that.

My honeymoon was a bike tour in Ireland. Great place to ride, people were nice, and the drivers were polite. The only traffic problem was a goat that ran ahead of us for miles, not letting us pass him (he'd swerve into our path). Turned out he wanted to mate with my wife. No kidding. I had to literally grab the goat by the horns. We finally used the "water blast to the face" method to distract him briefly and get ahead of him.

Jon Blum