07 November, 2018

2018 Philly Bike Expo Roundup with LOTS of Photos

by Igor

In case you weren't able to make it out to this year's Philly Bike Expo, here's a large gallery of bikes that really stood out to us this year.

Hollingsworth is an offshoot of Royal H Cycles and is steeped in tradition with extremely fine custom cut lugwork.

Polished up Dia-Compe 11sp Downtube Shifters!


Leather-wrapped chainstay

650b Snakeskin Fenders
On the opposite spectrum of the above, is this super-trick roadie with Sram Etap also made by Royal H. Bryan was telling me that the bike actually is black, just with a TON of glitter to give it that shine and sparkle. Neat!

You don't see Kirks often, so when you do it's a special moment. Wayne from Velo Classique and VAR Tools had this single speed all decked out with fancy gear. Yes, that's an elliptical chainring. Should it work? I suppose not, but Wayne reports it rides great!

As always, the detail work from Johnny Coast is superb.

This rando is wearing our 650b Zeppelin Fenders!

Another masterful randonneur from MAP by Mitch Pryor. This one sits between the world of contemporary and traditional with modern components, tapered headtube, front rack, steel tubing, carbon fork, and integrated lighting.

The legendary JP Weigle needs no introduction. Peter had this gorgeous, raw randonneur frame on display.

Chris Bishop is right here in Maryland and makes some absolutely stunning roadies, randonneurs, and track bikes. This road bike started out as a commuter but quickly morphed into a heckova lightweight.

I spent way too much time at Chris' booth. Here's one of his collaboration bikes with Carl of Vicious Cycles they're dubbing Item 4 (the category of gravel this bike was intended for). Tommy of Cutlass Velo built this one up featuring our Grand Cru Long Reach Brakeset. It is one rocket of a gravel bike!

Room to spare with our Grand Cru Long Reach Brakeset

Eric of Winter Bikes puts out some seriously cool and clever work. Here is a S&S coupled travel/adventure/touring/gravel/rando bike built for Ely of Ruthworks SF with his custom made bags. The bike is coated with Cerakote to create a super durable finish.

The perch is our Model 6 Saddle paired with our Long Setback Seatpost. A beautiful combo! 

Last and absolutely not least is Eric's personal travel bike. It's his interpretation of a modern demountable, complete with sleeved joints, 650b wheels (to fit within the travel case), simple components, and flat bars. It's outfitted with a generous kit of VO!

More Long Reach Caliper Brakes!

Rustines Grips and Tektro FL750 Levers

Nickel in the end.

Eric's signature custom stem with our Postino Bars

A pair of Retro Bottle Cages

Single Ring 50.4 Crankset

Quill Road Pedals, Leather Straps, Stainless Toe Clips, and a Toe Strap Button!

And a Brass Bell mounted to the stem


Ray J said...

I rode a fixed gear with a Biopace elliptical chainring for years. It works.

Anthony Holden said...

Is the seat tube segmented on that last Winter Bicycle? You said it's a travel frame. Does that mean it breaks down without couplers? I wonder where the other joint is. Down by the BB? Thanks, as always, for the lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

It looks like it breaks at the seatcollar and you can see the downtube bolts through the crank spider

Tim said...

I'm so glad to see Brian Hollingsworth doing so well. I was in the same class at UBI that he was in, years ago, and even back then I kind of figured he was most likely to actually DO something with what we learned, and make a business out of it. Really nice guy, really talented and dedicated to his work.