15 November, 2018

Chip's 26" Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Polyvalent

by Igor

Chip runs this super cool alt and flat handlebar comparison site called Whatbars. So when we started talking about a new, super classy commuter/tourer/whatever-er, the Polyvalent with a nifty cockpit was the logical choice.

After going over builds a few times, we settled on a combo of classic and modern, silver and black. While I tend to go full silver or full black on my builds, I have to say this setup looks really great and rides supremely well. Enjoy!

Wolf Tooth provided a 110bcd narrow-wide, art-deco chainring that pairs quite nicely with our Single Crankset. I would be lying if I didn't take the bike off a few curbs and over the cobbled streets downtown without any dropped chains.

11-42 cassette and a SRAM Apex 11 rear derailleur is a great all-round shifting setup. The derailleur features a very powerful spring and clutch mechanism to ensure shifts are crisp and the chain has proper tension throughout the range. Especially useful when running a 1x drivetrain.

A single leather washer takes care of the rear fender mounting.

Chip opted for a Wald Basket in Silver, Transporteur Bag, and double Snapper Sacks for a water bottle and a compact camera. Or two drinks, or two compact cameras, or two lenses. So many possibilities!

Our new Curvy One Bars have been super popular and for good reason. Great width, perfect hand position, and terrific looks.

Foam Cork Blend Grips, Linear Pull Brake Levers, and SRAM Apex 11 Shifter.

Our Removable Faceplate Quill Stem keeps his cockpit secure and tidy. No shims here!

Mojave Cage for maximum thirst quenching.

External and internal routing. While his current build lacks a front derailleur, I left the non-driveside adjustor in case he wanted to change his setup down the line.

Non-polished Velocity Cliffhanger Rims laced to our Front and Rear Disc Touring Hubs makes a confident and elegant ride.

26" Smooth Fenders keep road muck and mud off his back.

TRP was sold out of Spyre Brakes, so we went with Spykes. That's their mountain variant. They still have an inboard and outboard piston and stop well.

Happy riding, Chip!


Anonymous said...

That bike looks great and probably rides really nice too. I am jealous! What would it cost to build it's equal?

Anonymous said...

Also curious about the cost of an equal.

Anonymous said...

a bike like that without lights?

Anonymous said...

I wish Wald would do a stainless steel basket again.

Very nice build, but 42/42 is the lowest gear?
I can't remember the last time I dropped a chain - even on a triple chainset. What are you kids up to?

Horrible Old Man said...

What are you old folks doing that you need lower then a 1:1 ratio?

Dirty_pedal said...

This is an absolutely beautiful build. Smooth and sexy from the ground up. Not to mention, my favorite color

Anonymous said...

Very nice bike. Coincidentally, my name is Chip and I have a Polyvalent. Nothing else to add really, just noting the coincidence.