04 April, 2018

Psst, Hey Kid, Need Some Toe Clips?

by Igor

As we near the April 14th and 15th Eroica California event, we wanted to remind you all that if you're looking to outfit your vintage or vintage-inspired bike for the ride, we have the goods.

There are a few requirements for bikes that want to participate in the vintage ride. Namely, toe clips, straps, non-aero brake levers, low profile box section rims, and shift levers. What happens if you violate these rules? Expect old school punishment.

Road pedals, toe clips, and straps are one of the most iconic and ubiquitous components on any vintage racing and touring bike. They're effective at comfortably retaining your foot without the need for special shoes. In my experience, low profile soccer shoes like the Adidas Samba are the best, affordable fit for this classic pedal and clip combo. Side note, the Samba has actually been around since the 1950s, affording soccer players grip and support on icy turf.

Don't forget those toe strap buttons! They make it a simple grab to cinch up your strap when starting off.

Non-aero brake levers are still popular for tourists and randonneurs for their ease of maintenance and quick, on-the-fly adjustment. My personal preference is the Gran Compe Drilled Levers. Not only do they look classy, but the drilling actually provides additional grip when slowing down through long descents. They also include nifty barrel adjustors.

Our PBP Rims have been crowd favorites for those looking to refit their vintage road bikes with new clincher rims. They're lightweight, sturdy, beautiful, and available in both 32 and 36 holes drilling. An added bonus is that we also offer a 27" version in 36 hole.

Unless you're looking for a specific NOS Campagnolo, Simplex, or Suntour shifter set, Dia-Compe's offerings are exceptionally good. Both the downtube and bar-end variants feature micro-ratchets for easy shifting and smooth operation whether you're going up the gear cluster for an impending climb, or dumping multiple gears while descending.

Lastly, you'll need something to carry your repair gear, extra layer, and film, if you're so inclined. The Day Tripper Saddle Bag is the perfect size for an all day ride, is compatible with any road bike, and would look splendid on a vintage racer.

Ready to roll up some Ilford Pan F 50
See you at Eroica California!


rqmborabbit said...

Pleaser report back on using the non-aero levers on the Campeur at l'Eroica. I am considering changing my Campeur over to non-aero.

JP Frey said...

THAT bike is exactly what I am looking for. Maybe later this spring. Maybe summer. Sigh. Perfect, functional, classic look. Rowr.

rqmborabbit said...

The Campeur is more than looks, although every time I stop people say “What a beautiful bike!” I find it to be a perfect all around bike. Sporty yet stable ride. My last touring bike was just that, a touring bike. It sat except for tours. I used a more lively bike locally.This bike I ride all the time. I am currently using the Compass Barlow Pass Extralights at 60/70 psi although other supple sidewall tires such as VO offers should be about the same. These really make the bike standout for ride and performance. Also using the VO Rando bars with bar end shifters.

Unknown said...

Hey - a "bulk loader bag" :-)

Are you the kind of person who would trade bike bits for Leica bits?

Might work out...