03 April, 2018

Prototype and Paint Blem Frames For Sale and Gen1 Piolet Forks

by Igor

Can't wait until May to get a Polyvalent? Well, you might be in luck. We just put a few Polyvalent prototypes up on our Discounted Frame section as well as a couple of demos, new old stock, and paint blems.

All three of the Polyvalent prototypes have been used through tours, commuting, and various degrees of gravel munching and grinding. Basically, we got those first few scratches out of the way so you can enjoy riding without worrying about keeping the frameset pristine.

There are a few changes between these and the production version: 1) The top tube is ovalized vertically as opposed to horizontally 2) the fork uses a bi-plane crown and is overall a bit taller 3) there are slightly narrower clearances for 26" wheels (2.1 max with fenders), but 650b x 48s with fenders fit fine.

Here are the links to their respective product pages:
  • 51cm in blue
  • 57cm in gream (green/cream) - sold
  • 60cm in green - sold
We also have a couple demo framesets:
A couple brand new frames:
And a few paint blem Pass Hunters:
Lastly, we just put up some of our triple-butted, replacement Piolet forks so you can dial in your tourer or rigid shredder. Available in 700c/27.5 and 26", they feature triple bosses on the blades, fender and rack mounts, and big tire clearances. They're Piolet blue, so you can either get it painted, rattle-canned, or roll on it as-is. 

Happy riding!

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