21 November, 2017

Update on Luggage

by Igor

For those who were able to make it to Philly Bike Expo, you were able to have a hands-on look at the upcoming luggage we've been working on in collaboration with our good friends over at Road Runner Bags in Los Angeles. It's a line that is intended to be durable, reliable, and straddles the line between traditional and contemporary. All of the following bag options should be here in the time for Spring riding, so stay tuned for any updates!

Randonneur Handlebar Bag

The Randonneur Handlebar Bag has a familiar shape and function, but has a bunch of modern design cues and construction techniques to launch it into this century.

In addition to the beautiful Cordura outside, the inside has an exceptionally durable and waterproof hi-vis truck-tarp liner - no more losing your wallet in a black hole.

The pockets are modular and use high-quality velcro straps so they can be mounted to the sides of the bag or facing the rider. Mix and match the pocket positions to dial in your riding preference!

The Cell Phone Pockets are sized to fit larger, modern smart phones. It gobbles up the iPhone 7s Plus (5.5" screen) with ease.

The Snapper Sack fits small point and shoot cameras, lenses, or anything else that might fit such as a waterbottle, soda, or 750ml wine bottle.

Both of these pockets can be mounted to your backpack's straps as well!

The bag is grommeted so that it easily works with our Integrated Decaleur system. No need to use a drill or soldering iron to install the bag mount.

Pricing will be $185 for the main bag, $30 for the Cell Pockets, and $45 for the Snapper Sack.

Day-Tripper Saddle Bag

Our Day-Tripper Saddle Bag is the perfect mate for an all-day ride. So pack up an extra layer, tools, mini-pump, camera, and film.

It uses a rip-stop nylon roll-top with a buckle for expandability and security. A simple flap holds everything snug as a bug in a rug.

There is Mega-Grip under the saddle rails and around the seatpost strap to keep everything in place for out-of-the-saddle efforts. The side pocket is sized for a minipump and also has Mega-Grip to keep it secure.

Pricing will be $95.

Transporteur Bag

It's so simple. The main cavity uses seam-sealed rip-stop nylon and is waterproof. While the bottom is flat and sturdy, the overall construction is not rigid so it can be compressed down or expanded easily depending on the load you're carrying.

There is also a small, forward facing boxed-out organizer pocket for your smaller stuff.

It fits on our Porteur Rack as well as the Wald 1372 Basket.

Pricing will be $125.

All of the bags will be available in Burgundy, Navy, Black, and Teal. We're really excited to bring in this cohesive line of bags that we designed to meet the functional needs of riders, while still looking great. A blend of form,  function, and some pretty sweet colors. 


Beau said...

These look great. Exactly what I was hoping for with the Rando bag and I like the pocket system. Good work.

thorir vidar said...

Agree with Beau. And that Snapper Sack is music to my eyes! Or camera. Or both..

zybariver said...

Will you have different heights on the rando bag to accommodate different sized bikes?

VeloOrange said...

Not off the get-go. That would be an awful lot of skus to maintain. This size is a terrific medium.


bradslade@byu.edu said...

Some of us still think panniers are awesome. Well there be a set to go with this collection?

Unknown said...

What are the dimensions of the rando bag

John Hawrylak
Woodstown NJ

gugie said...

Really like the out of the box thinking on the rando bag! Great price point as well, you should sell a lot of them.