30 November, 2017

A Bike Nicknamed Lilac and Upcoming Pre-Sale Details

by Igor

When we get in prototypes of frames, each size is a different color. We often get tube samples of paint we like, but seeing a whole frame and fork really lets us envision how the rest of the bike will flow.

Sometimes a color we thought to be perfect, isn't, and sometimes a color we select as an off-the-wall trial is perfect (Poppin' Purple Piolet).

This bike we've nicknamed Lilac is a Polyvalent prototype that turned out to be just lovely with polished silver components.

The paint isn't something you'd commonly see on a stock bike, but it's fun to see what happens when you don't have limitations on your color palettes. We'll put this one in our collective back pocket for later.

The components are all taken off the last Polyvalent we took on tour to Eurobike, with the addition of the Rando Handlebar Bag and Day-Tripper Saddle Bag - which have been marvelous.

On a side note, since we have had such an overwhelmingly positive response to, and demand for, the Polyvalent and Piolets, we will be doing a pre-order for all frame sizes starting Monday, December 4th. Retail price for both the Polyvalent and Piolet will be $725, but those participating in the pre-sale will be able to get a frameset for $675. Deep Emerald Green and Poppin' Purple are the production colors, respectively. We're looking at early-April delivery.

Pre-sale closing is still TBD, but it will be generous, and we'll give notice of its conclusion. 


Unknown said...


Ray Day said...

Ooohhhh I love the lilac colour!

Anonymous said...

Been holding off building a new bike for months waiting on the new Poly and this color announcement has absolutely crushed me. The green was far and away my least favorite of all the colors you've shown it in. Why even tease us with this beautiful lilac? :(

back to the drawing board for me, i guess

VeloOrange said...

Sorry to have crushed you. The green was overwhelmingly more popular. Please talk to your local painter or powder coater! They can spray any color for you, and we can supply VeloORANGE decals for your respray.


drew said...

This is a beautifully executed bike; I love the color, and the build is gorgeous. I want this bike.

Guy said...

Please don't offhandedly suggest to people they can strip and powder or paint, in Seattle, the only respected outfit now charges almost $200 with tax to powder. Wet paint is, of course far more.

Regarding the green color, I re-read the comments and it was far from the overwhelming favorite and clearly the most polarizing. You didn't show the blue color in the post, so it wasn't a true poll. You might want to do real poll of future buyers. The green doesn't work for me, I'll go with an earlier poster who likened it to a department store bike color (but not so far as another, who said it might be favored by a drunken leprechaun).

VeloOrange said...


Paint color is always going to be a polarizing topic.

Not including our other social media, we spoke to hundreds of patrons at Philly Bike Expo. While not a formal poll, the green was obviously really popular. Last year when we had the blue prototype, people found it agreeable, but would like to have seen a green.

Though I can't speak for how much it costs in other parts of the country, we've had frames stripped and powder coated locally for a bit less than $150 - a good job at that.

Happy riding!